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Xerographica Flower


This unique plant is an incredible conversation piece that makes for a fun and surprising gift, or a lovely addition to your own home this spring. This beautiful, silvery air plant, thrives on solely air and water.  

Have you ever thought of changing up your home, office or space where you spend most of your time? Now plants are one of the most common enrichening pieces of decor for you to make a difference in your surrounding, but if you are truly a nature lover and would like to acclimate your environment with greens and flora, this is the plant for you!  

Have you ever seen or heard about air plants? They are rare but are becoming trendy and you simply need to know about them!  

Air plants also are known as Tillandsia and are part of the epiphyte group; this means they absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves, while the roots are used primarily to provide support for the plant. This means that they do not require sustenance from the soil as most plants do; but air flowers, as is implied in their name, happen to derive their nutrients and water from the air. Because of this epiphyte way of living, you would never see one of these plants growing on the ground in nature, you would instead find them living on tree branches and rainforests. With this unusual but extraordinary way of living, this makes them an extremely thoughtful gift!  

This unusual air flower will look amazing as a decorative piece because while flowers are meant to be put on some furniture like tables or desks, you can get creative with these rare plants! You can hang them from the ceiling, and if you do this with more than one plant, your interior space will give you a jungle look, or give off a forest vibe. If you are a nature lover, these air plants will provide the room with the natural essence you have always wanted.  

In addition, the Xerographica flower is very easy to care for. We would recommend ensuring the plant is in a room where the air does circulate; air plants will be very thankful to you if you can set them in a space where air can freely roam. Just please do not use a fan or a blow drier to give them air; an open window is really all you need! As we have previously mentioned, these plants do not grow in soil which means they need to absorb humidity and moisture through their leaves. To accomplish this, we recommend you lightly spritz it with a spray bottle filled with water every day. This plant does not require light, so you can place them anywhere unlike other plants as they will survive in complete darkness, however too much sun may cause burns and permanent damage.  

This is a magnificent and super trendy way to make a change in the atmosphere of your home; nothing says nature like a beautiful air plant hanging from the ceiling. Let the natural vibe of this plant invade your space!  

Thoroughly wet your Tillandsia Xerographica 2-3 times per week. Following each watering, it should be given enough light and air circulation to dry in 4 hours or less. Do not keep plants constantly wet or moist.  

Includes one large Xerographica air plant When fully bloomed gift stands approximately 6-8” Care and hanging instructions included
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