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A Splendid Day™ Bouquet TOP - lavender roses , lavender monte casino asters , purple matsumoto asters , green hypericum berries , green button poms , vase arrangement

A Splendid Day™ Bouquet, set with roses and asters, creates the perfect bouquet for any of life's special moments. Lavender roses, lavender monte casino asters, purple matsumoto asters, green hypericum berries, green button poms and lush greens create a stunning flower bouquet perfectly arranged in a clear glass bubble bowl vase to create a wonderful thank you, happy birthday or congratulations gift.  

You are now looking at one of our most beautiful bouquets. If what you are looking for in terms of flowers is freshness and nature with a touch of uniqueness, you are in the correct place. We have designed the perfect arrangement for you! We are proud to present to you our rose and aster flower bouquet, a wonderful piece that says much more than any ordinary bouquet. This is a garden piece tailor-made to imbed any space with a fresh atmosphere that alludes to a beautiful flower garden.

This stunning arrangement brings with it an exquisite combination of flowers, so its atmosphere reflects a virgin garden full of beautiful and exotic varieties. This beautiful bouquet of asters is a perfect combination of greens and lavender colours, ranging from soft to dark shades of the two main colours in the Splendid Day Bouquet. This mix of different monte casino flowers, along with roses and chrysanthemums represents more than you can imagine. Flowers can say more than a thousand words, and in the coming description, we will tell you exactly what you are signifying by sending this arrangement.

Roses are rightfully known as the queen of flowers and for good reason, so having roses in the middle of an arrangement gives it the classic and refined touch that you desire. Now, lavender flowers have an even deeper meaning, as lavender flowers are completely tied to style and class and this colour is typically tied to that of royalty. So if you decide to send this stunning aster flower bouquet, you will be sending more than just flowers, as the symbolism of purple flowers is unique and refers to dignity, spirituality, and creativity. It is a perfect bouquet for someone who is very creative, who has a taste for stylish things that are visually beautiful and striking, or for someone who above all else has refined taste and a desire for something elegant. Any person would be lucky to receive this bouquet of asters with its lavender tones, and different shades of purple flowers. It is truly an arrangement worthy of admiration! The green touches that our floral designers have put in this design, such as the green hypericum berries and green button poms finished with the lush greens, radiate a vibe of wildness and freshness because nothing is better than the aroma of a fresh garden.

This floral arrangement will bring a floral and creative atmosphere to your home or to the home of the person who is going to receive it. Designed and placed into a glass bubble bowl to give it the final touch of beauty, this arrangement is perfectly suitable as a centrepiece, be it in the living room or dining room, we suggest for you to place it in the most visible place in your home, as a beautiful arrangement like this deserves to be seen often and by as many people as possible! We assure you that will be the main talking point of all of your guests.

Flower Co. has created the ideal bouquet to celebrate any occasion with an arrangement that is more than just a floral bouquet. Splendid Day Bouquet is perfect to impress on a birthday, eye-catching to applaud the success of a job promotion or if you just want to let that special person know how much you love and admire them, this gorgeous floral creation will not disappoint you!

Think no more of your decision and move forward by making the day of your special one! Surprise them with this stunning and unique purple and green bouquet.
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