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Fate brought you together for this incredible moment. Celebrate your love and heartfelt emotion with a display of the most amazing roses. A gorgeous and lush bouquet of 24-inch premium long-stemmed red roses, beautifully situated in a clear glass cylindrical vase is the perfect way to shine a light on your every emotion. It includes 48 stems of long-stemmed red roses, assorted greens, exotic foliage, and a superior clear glass cylinder vase.

This arrangement of 48 long stem roses is the perfect way to proclaim your love to the person who is lucky enough to receive them. This beautiful and eye-catching 48 roses bouquet has the romantic vibe that is sure to delight and surprise the object of your affection, as roses are the flower of love and the ideal way to express the emotions in your heart. What could convince someone of your intentions more than 48 red roses?

Red roses are a clear symbol of love and passion, and sending a bouquet like this is unquestionably the surest way to tell that special person just how you feel. Sending a 48 roses bouquet leaves no room for them to question your intentions — they will undoubtedly understand that you have a deep and profound love for them. If you possess a fervent desire to want to reach the heart of your beloved, this bouquet of 48 red roses speaks for itself!

We at The Flower Co. know that it can be difficult to express the deep love in your heart with words alone. That’s why our artisanal professional floral artists have created this impressive and striking flower arrangement of 48 roses — because we know that sumptuous blooms can tell a story better than words ever could. At The Flower Co. we are eager to celebrate love — there is nothing more powerful than true love, and you can communicate this message with this wonderful and beautiful arrangement of 48 roses.

If you are feeling that deep love, be it for your girlfriend, wife, or someone else, and you would like to profess that love to them, this eye-catching, statement-making bouquet is the classic choice. Each rose stem in this resplendent bouquet is carefully selected and brought from flower farms in Ecuador and Colombia. The Flower Co. works with farms that strive daily to grow the best possible flowers, and these vibrant red roses are a prime example of this commitment to quality.

These striking blooms are sure to bring forth an atmosphere of love and romance to any space. The quality of these dazzling flowers adapts to any interior design and any type of decor — there is no doubt that these stunning 48 long stem roses emanate beauty and charm as the centerpiece of any room. A traditional choice long used to send wishes of love and affection, roses also symbolize tender feelings of apology and regret — if you’ve made a misstep with your beloved, these red flowers will communicate the words of apology that you cannot express with words. You can also express feelings of true romance with red roses — don't’ be afraid to send this bouquet to your crush, who will wonder whose attention they’ve attracted!

Standard Bouquet – Includes 48 rose stems measuring approximately 32″H x 26″W.
Fuller Bouquet – Includes 51 rose stems measuring approximately 32″H x 26″W.
Premium Bouquet – Includes 54 rose stems measuring approximately 32″H x 26″W.

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