24 Premium Red Roses™ - Flower Co. - Farm Fresh Roses
Are you looking for an arrangement that will impress and forever mark you in someone's heart and mind? A bouquet of roses says “I love you” like no other flower arrangement can. This classic bouquet includes a gorgeous bunch of 24 premium red roses, gathered together with a striking, festive bow. The traditional choice to celebrate every occasion, these 24 red roses are perfect for graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, and just about any other occasion. Surprise and delight that special someone with this luscious bouquet.

The Flower Co.’s 24 premium red roses are the perfect gift for that special person this Valentine’s Day, birthday, or any other special occasion on which you want to send a bold and dramatic testament of love and show your heartfelt emotions. Delivered farm-fresh to your door, this bouquet of long-stem red roses is sure to delight any recipient and bring a smile to their face. Red roses are a part of the language of love, romance, and passion.

There is no better way to truly show you love them than to send this bunch of 24 premium red roses. Flowers can say more than we could ever hope to express in words, and red roses are famous worldwide in terms of their symbolism. For hundreds of years, red rose bouquets have been a muse of the artistic world, as they have been the object of inspiration for poets, painters, musicians, and writers. We have seen this symbol of love in stories, songs, and paintings.

These 24 red roses will help you reveal your intentions and feelings to that special someone, giving them the gift of resplendent blooms. The color red, especially when it comes to roses, is the symbol of love — what better way to surprise and delight the object of your affection than with gorgeous red roses? These 24 roses speak for themselves — they speak of love and passion, and you can demonstrate your intentions by gifting this message of passion and affection. These 24 roses carry a deep message — an unmistakable message of warm feelings and love.

A huge bouquet of red flowers, particularly 24 roses, sends a real message of your passion. This impressive and spectacular arrangement will without a doubt convey the emotions behind it — we all want to have someone who expresses their love for us in such a demonstrative way, and how lovely that everyone around you can see that someone truly loves you enough to send you such beautiful and dazzling flowers.

Sometimes it can be difficult to express the emotions we’d like to share, and there’s no better way to get these feelings across than with a bouquet of wonderful blooms. You can show that special someone you are thinking about them by using luscious blooms to express it — whether those emotions are an apology, congratulations, happy birthday, or any other deep feeling you’d like to communicate with flowers. If you’ve said something you regret and want to smooth over the rough feelings, nothing does the job quite like flowers, especially the traditional choice of red roses — this classic choice is sure to melt their heart and endear you to them once again.

Standard Bouquet – Includes 24 rose stems
Fuller Bouquet – Includes 27 rose stems
Premium Bouquet – Includes 30 rose stems
Red Rose varieties
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