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Sweet Solace Bouquet Premium- white roses , white callas , vase arrangement -23%

Sweet Solace™ Bouquet

$107.00 $139.00

Sweet Solace™ Bouquet

$107.00 $139.00
Sweet Solace Bouquet is a divinely elegant arrangement that encourages peace and offers your sympathy. Brilliant white roses and calla...

Buy home flowers for sympathy.


An alternative to sending flowers to service is to send a sincere arrangement to the family's home. Let them know your thoughts are with them.  

Flower arrangements are a classic part of memorial services, but if you cannot attend the funeral services for the departed in person, you can still participate in honouring your friend or loved one’s memory by sending a beautiful flower arrangement to the home of the deceased’s family members. Home flowers are a wonderful way to show the family members of the departed that you are thinking of them in their time of grief and that your thoughts are with them during the grieving period. There are many different varieties of home flowers to choose from, and it’s a great way to show your support and love for the bereaved if you cannot be there for them in person.  

Sometimes flowers express the deep emotions we may have trouble communicating with words, and during times of grief and strife, this is especially true. By purchasing a beautiful bouquet of flowers for home to be sent to the loved ones of the departed, you are communicating your solidarity and empathy to those who are experiencing grief at this time. Roses, lilies, carnations, and many other bloom varieties in a rainbow of colours are all classic, time-honoured flowers to include in a bouquet for the deceased’s family and friends, and The Flower Co. offers many different choices for you to consider for this purpose.  

Fragrant, colourful blooms are a traditional way to celebrate the life and memory of the departed while also simultaneously providing comfort and a sense of serenity to those they have left behind. By having an arrangement of freshly cut flowers hand-delivered to their door, you’re showing your empathy and letting them know you are here for them in this difficult time, as well as participating in the traditional practice of honouring the deceased’s memory with fragrant, soothing flowers. Whether you decide on a lavish flower arrangement filled with classic flowers in a variety of different colours, or a simple, elegant bouquet that speaks to the heart and shows you care, sending flowers in this difficult time is a kind, classic way to demonstrate your feelings and share in the celebration of life for the departed. The friends and family of the deceased will feel seen and comforted when they feel the soothing presence of gentle, soft blooms in their space, and you can be sure you’ve adequately honoured the life and memory of the departed loved one.
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