Vividly Violet Vanda Orchid - Flower Company – Flower Co.
This rare and sought after orchid is available only in limited quantities. Despite its exotic nature, the Vanda orchid is easy to care for. In the wild Vandas cling to trees and rocks because they are epiphytes, which translates to no dirt or soil required for you. We've brought these orchids out of the trees and into your home with our gorgeous table top presentation including a clear glass vase! Add a touch of luxury to any room or table. Simple care included: 17-26°C; lots of light—no direct sun; water twice a week by filling vase ½ way with water, letting soak for 30 minutes, then emptying the water.

One rare Blue Vanda orchid Color varies from light to dark 4-6 blooms per plant, up to 8-12 20” tall (7" diameter) clear glass cylinder Gift stands approximately 16-24" overall Blooms typically last 5+ weeks, can re-bloom with proper care Care instructions included
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