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Birthday cake is made of white chrysanthemums, green button poms, pale yellow carnations and magenta mini carnations. Presented on a white cake plate.  

Celebrating a birthday is one of those special occasions that brings us all together, and cake is traditionally a part of those celebrations that helps make the day special and sweet. What could be better than a wonderful floral confection to add to the whimsy and magic of that special day that only comes but once a year? The Wonderful Wishes Floral Cake is a lovely way to help bring a bit of magic to that special someone’s birthday. This floral cake is decadent, colourful, and calorie-free!  

For your parent, sibling, or special friend, floral cakes are a great way to contribute to the celebration. As a centerpiece on the dining room table during the birthday party, this floral cake is sure to draw every eye and elicit dozens of compliments for the gift-giver. The Wonderful Wishes Floral Cake features gorgeous, fragrant blooms arranged to resemble a luscious baked confection, with sumptuous blooms taking center stage. A flower cake, and especially floral cakes from The Flower Co., is a lovely way to show your friend or family member who is celebrating a special birthday that you are thinking about them, and this very special floral cake is the ideal way in which to express those friendly birthday wishes! Surprise them this year with something a little bit off the beaten path that is sure to bring a smile to their face. A floral cake is just the thing to brighten their day.  

Birthday cakes come in all flavours, but this special flower cake is something that will really take their breath away — the intricate design of the delicate flowers is perfect to brighten up the party table and bring a touch of whimsy to the celebration. You can send your blessings for a special day to your friend or family member across the miles, no matter how far away you might be, with this special flower confection that’s sure to enhance their mood and create a lasting memory that will make them smile and think of you each time they recall the colourful blooms and pretty petals.  

A real birthday cake only lasts a few hours (until you and your friends gobble it up!) but this special floral confection can last all week and be enjoyed by all with its fresh look and pretty aroma. Keep the birthday celebration going for days on end as you celebrate the anniversary of the birth of your friend or family member. Looking for something unique and fun to do each year? Make it a special family tradition and have this flower creation sent direct to your friend or family member’s door annually! They’ll love the fun, special message of love and care and your thoughtful gesture will come to mind each time they walk in the room and see the flower cake anew. Add a special bit of warmth and fun to their day and start a sweet new family tradition with this cheery and sweet floral creation.

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