The FTD® Color Your Day with Radiance™ Bouquet – Flower Co.
The FTD Color Your Day with Radiance™ Bouquet blooms with bold beauty and unforgettable colour. Giving your special recipient a gift that reflects their own shining personality and charm. Rich red roses, eye-catching Stargazer Lilies, bright red mini carnations, million star gypsophila and lush greens are artfully arranged within a striking red quart size decorative paint can inspired vase to create an incredible gift they won’t soon forget.  

This Radiance flower arrangement is an arrangement like no other. Made up of gorgeous radiance flowers, Unique and authentic, it’s a show-stopping standout that radiates vibrant colour, cheerful vibes, and artful design. The Flower Co.’s artisanal professional floral designers did their homework on this one and came up with a special concept: a shiny paint can as a container, setting the tone, complementing the colours, and letting the blooms shine through with happy splendour. The Color Your Day with Radiance bouquet is a little out of the ordinary and a little unexpected, and it’s sure to delight every recipient.   

Red roses are classic radiance flowers and are a thoughtful gift to send to just about anyone, including your beloved, your crush, or just a friend or teacher. The red radiance rose is a big part of this arrangement. They are a bloom of timeless beauty and regal grace all on their own. Lilies are a radiance flower as well. Our floral designers have created a combination of radiant flowers, including the traditional red rose, in this bouquet. It’s an arrangement that carries a message of love and passion in all its meanings. The arrangement is made up of not only the red radiance rose, red flowers such as roses, lilies, and carnations. These are all majestic and shining blooms that convey a message of tenderness, joy, and playful affection.  

The colour red in flowers traditionally symbolizes passion, love, and great affection. Red blooms signify the passion one feels about someone, but they can also be an excellent choice to add a spark of colour and a bit of fun to anyone’s day. This FTD Color Your Day with Radiance arrangement is a great choice for a welcome gift for a new neighbour or as a pick-me-up for someone who might be in the hospital or going through a difficult time.   

A bouquet of red flowers, including a red radiance flower,  can sometimes be used to seduce, to speak of love, to ask for forgiveness, to declare everything you feel without the need for words. Let the flowers do the speaking for you! Blooms can sometimes say the things that we have trouble articulating into spoken — or even written — words. They speak a quiet language all their own, with their vibrant colours and striking, intricate petals.   

This FTD Color Your Day with Radiance bouquet can speak the words for you and help you show that special someone that you’re thinking about them — even if you can’t find the words yourself. Let the blossoms do the talking and share your feelings for you by sending a gift that is sure to delight, inspire, and leave a permanent imprint on that person’s heart. It’s a sweet memory that they’ll never forget and will linger for a long time.   

Standard bouquet is approximately 11″H x 11″W.
Fuller bouquet is approximately 12″H x 12″W.
Premium bouquet is approximately 13″H x 13″W.
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