The FTD® At Peace™ Arrangement - Flower Company – Flower Co.
This extraordinary mixed flower bouquet is an excellent choice for creating a beautiful, serene and reverential setting for an urn containing the cremated remains of the deceased. The asymmetrical arrangement includes Dendrobium orchids, roses, calla lilies, and lush, complementary greenery in a low silvery plastic rectangular container. Beautiful on its own or to enhance a display of a meaningful memento, photograph or candle.  

White flowers are a traditional, classic choice to help honour and celebrate the life of the departed, and they are a lovely way to provide calm, serenity, and comfort to the friends and family who gather for a viewing or memorial service. This beautiful and elegant floral frame, adorned lovingly with luminous white and cream blooms, is a special way to commemorate the occasion of your loved one’s passing and aid in providing a serene atmosphere. Pale petals evoke a sense of peace and harmony, and this FTD Peace Arrangement is an ideal choice.   

This FTD Peace Arrangement was carefully created by the floral professionals at The Flower Co. in accordance with high standards and dedicated floral designers. We know that this is an occasion that will stay in the mind for a long time and that flowers are an important part of the day. Providing a meaningful, resplendent centerpiece for a memorial service or viewing on the occasion of a loved one’s passing is a task we take very seriously; we are happy to be here to accompany you on this sombre day. That’s why we can recommend the FTD At Peace Arrangement as a loving tribute to your dear one on this difficult day. Soft and sweet tones, the delicate white colour, and elegant, stunning flowers complemented by lush, verdant greens make a touching accompaniment to display near the urn, a loving and dignified focal point at the service.   

The FTD At Peace Arrangement is a luminous, fresh bouquet — it’s an arrangement that contains meaning and symbolism. Lilies and roses are very traditional choices for any memorial services, and this bouquet contains calla lilies, which are flowers that are a bit difficult to find, making them highly desirable and unique. The shape of the calla lily is different from other blooms; they represent a feeling of sympathy and tenderness and are a classic choice for a memorial service. Roses in pale shades of cream and white are also featured in the FTD AT Peace Arrangement, offset by greenery specially selected to complement the flowers.

Flowers can often be a big part of offering comfort and grace to those visiting the memorial, and you can send warmth and condolences to the mourning with blooms — which sometimes speak louder than words the feelings of grief and sadness that we can at times find difficult to express ourselves.
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