The Broken Heart™ - Chrysanthemum and Rose Arrangement – Flower Co.
The FTD® Broken Heart™ is a beautiful way to express the impact that the departed had on your life. Pearly white chrysanthemums form the shape of a heart, accented with greens lined around the outside and “broken” in the middle with a line of rich red roses to create an exquisite way to honour the life of the deceased at their memorial service. Displayed on a wire easel.  

Our broken heart floral arrangement is truly one-of- a-kind. This meaningful chrysanthemum and rose arrangement is so much more than just flowers. Our artisanal professional floral designers have put their greatest efforts into creating an arrangement that visually represents the feelings of love, loss, grief and hope that this moment calls for, and helps to give a physical representation of those feelings.  

We know that the departure of a special person is something that undoubtedly surprises us and causes us a lot of pain and discouragement, which is why the floral professionals at The Flower Co. lovingly created The Broken Heart Floral Arrangement, a visually stunning, impressive chrysanthemum and rose arrangement that is undoubtedly a fitting tribute to the life of the departed. This beautiful display is made up of chrysanthemums and roses, mixed artfully together with great skill, to create the perfect combination of white and red. The flower arrangement is tastefully accented on its border with verdant green leaves, creating a spellbinding visual effect and masterfully playing up the contrast between light and dark.  

White flowers are a traditional choice to give or send in these moments of grief and sorrow, and roses are always a wonderful addition to any memorial service. This arrangement makes a regal and stately display at any viewing. You can communicate just how much the departed person meant to you by speaking through the language of flowers, whose soft petals and colourful blooms express our feelings in a way no words ever could.  

Roses and chrysanthemums in combination are a powerful statement, conveying peace and harmony while remaining visually resplendent. A serene feeling of comfort washes over all who view this dazzling display of fragrant blossoms, their hues blending together seamlessly into a feast for the senses. The rich, bright red tones of the roses cut across the pale cream and white silkiness of the chrysanthemums in a jagged line, symbolizing the feelings of loss and grief that the family and friends of the departed may experience.   

At The Flower Co., our mission is to bring you comfort during your trying time of loss. We know that during a difficult period it’s important to look for the small bits of joy and light that can be found in the glorious tranquility of flowers. This arrangement is truly a fitting tribute to your loved one.   

Approximately 22″H x 22″W. Your purchase includes a complimentary personalized gift message.
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