Splendid Grace™ Casket Spray - Flower Company – Flower Co.
An extraordinary way to pay your respects to someone very close, this colourful mixed flower casket spray beautifully delivers your sincere expression of love and sympathy. Traditionally ordered by the deceased’s immediate family, this casket enhancement handcrafted by our artisan florist includes larkspur, roses, carnations, hydrangeas and Stargazer lilies complemented with lush greens including aspidistra, salal and ivy vines. It is made to fit over the closed portion of a casket cover during visitation at a funeral home, at a funeral service and at a graveside ceremony at the cemetery.  

The Splendid Grace Casket Spray includes gorgeous greenery and an artfully arranged variety of dazzling flowers, sure to bring comfort and a sense of grace to everyone in attendance at the memorial service or funeral. This glorious array of delicate blooms and verdant greens, all of which perfectly complement each other in texture and colour, are a beautiful way in which to express your grief and sorrow upon the passing of your friend or loved one.   

At The Flower Co., we know that the passing of a loved one or friend is a difficult time, which is why our specially trained artisanal floral designers take every detail seriously, carefully considering flower placement and coordination. Flower arrangements serve as a special and traditional way in which to mark the occasion of a person’s passing, and they represent the love and compassion we all feel for the family and friends of the departed individual. A dazzling display of beautiful blooms is a lovely way to create an intimate, soothing atmosphere in which the bereaved can gather to share their grief and emotions with one another as they honour the life and legacy of the deceased.  

The stunning array of colours present in the Splendid Grace Casket Spray call to mind the carefree afternoons of summer and allow those gathered to reflect upon the circular nature of life as they recall happy times spent with the departed person. Lilies, roses, ivy, and carnations are among the traditional grouping of lovely blooms in the Splendid Grace Casket Spray, coming together in a beautiful dance of colour and texture that emanates grace and calm serenity. Take comfort in the soothing fragrance and calming aura of the Splendid Grace Casket Spray, a stunning tribute to your departed friend or loved one and a fitting decoration for their final farewell.   

Flowers are often used to express the deep emotions we experience upon the passing of a friend or loved one, and they are traditionally a part of funerals or memorial services, providing a serene atmosphere for those gathered and reminding the bereaved of the beauty of nature and the loveliness of the earth’s bounty. This memorial casket spray provides a soothing and beautiful decoration to place atop the casket and is sure to draw the eye of everyone congregated together to remember the life and legacy of the departed person.   

Approximately 10″H x 30″W.  
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