Sincerity™ Casket Spray - Rose, Carnation, Hydrangea Arrangement – Flower Co.
The FTD® Sincerity™ Casket Spray is a wondrous presentation of fresh colour and beauty. Rich red roses and carnations are eye-catching and elegant in an arrangement of white hydrangea, larkspur, snapdragons, Queen Anne’s Lace and assorted lush greens to create a lovely display meant to bedeck the top of their casket, bringing comfort and peace to those grieving the loss of the departed.  

Memorial services and funerals can be difficult experiences for the friends, family, and loved ones of the departed, and flowers are a timeless and traditional way in which to help ease the sorrow and hardship of these events by creating a beautiful atmosphere in which to honour the life and legacy of the person who has passed away. The Sincerity Casket Spray is a glorious way in which to celebrate that special person’s memory and provide a beautiful tribute to their life and legacy. The delicate, intricate blooms and verdant greenery of the leaves combine to create a gorgeous, eye-catching display that is sure to bring comfort, serenity and hope to every person gathered in attendance at the memorial service.  

The Sincerity Casket Spray has been carefully designed with skill and intention by the artisanal professional floral artists at The Flower Co. to create a fitting centrepiece at the service for the departed. The freshest, most vibrant blooms have been selected with care and diligence and arranged with love so as to create the regal floral display necessary to adequately memorialize the departed person. Flower arrangements, like the Sincerity Casket Spray, are an important part of memorial services, as they provide a sense of grace and serenity to those gathered in attendance, as well as remind us all of the natural cycles of life. The Sincerity Casket Spray is a splendid, regal arrangement that truly represents the glorious beauty of nature and helps remind the bereaved of the everlasting beauty of the earth’s bounty.  

The Sincerity Casket Spray’s gorgeous blooms call to mind the sweet, bright days of June, when all of the rose bushes are in full bloom and the sweet glory of the carefree summer season lies ahead, beckoning you with its serenity and dazzling light. The lovely fragrance of the Sincerity Casket Spray’s gorgeous red roses will waft through the room, providing a wonderful sense of calm and well-being for all of the friends, family, and loved ones who are gathered in attendance to remember and celebrate the life and legacy of the departed individual.  

Beautiful flowers are a time-honoured way in which to provide comfort and beauty to those people who are grieving, and this beautiful, stunning arrangement of roses, hydrangea, Queen Anne’s Lace and larkspur is no exception, giving off a sweet, soothing aura of natural beauty and calm grace. Red roses are often thought of as the flower of love and are truly a fitting bloom to include in a memorial arrangement or casket spray. The feelings of love and respect you have for the departed individual will shine through, and you’ll be reminded of all of the joyous times you shared with that special person when you gaze upon the bright, vibrant colours of these beautiful red roses. The calm, pale hues of the hydrangeas and Queen Anne’s Lace provide a lovely contrast to the bright red of the roses, combining in a beautiful dance of colour and texture.  

Approximately 30″H x 48″W.
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