Serene Blessings™ Wreath - Sympathy Arrangement with Peonies – Flower Co.
Serene Blessings Wreath is an arrangement that reflects all of the respect, love and compassion you want to express during this difficult time. Sometimes, finding the words to show how much a loved one will be missed can be very hard. This standing wreath of white and cream flowers features peonies, mums, asters, lisianthus, carnations and lush greens is expertly designed and crafted by our florists to express your most heartfelt condolences.  

Carnations and peonies are artfully designed in a classic combination in this magnificent tribute to the life and legacy of the departed individual, weaved together in a soft dance of colour and texture. The Serene Blessings Wreath is a classic way in which to show your respect to the deceased and provide comfort and calm to those friends and family members gathered together to memorialize the person who has passed on. Festooned with delicate petals and muted tones, the Serene Blessings Wreath provides an eye-catching, soothing focal point at the memorial service or funeral.  

Carnations and peonies are classic flower choices, often used in memorial wreaths because their delicate curves and graceful lines invite the eye to linger on each soft petal. This memorial arrangement has been designed and crafted with love and care by the artisanal professional floral design team at The Flower Co., where we know that these moments can be difficult. That’s why we’ve created stunning memorial arrangements that are fitting tributes to the life and legacy of your departed loved one and that appropriately honour their memory while providing a beautiful backdrop to the memorial service and emanate grace for everyone in the room.  

The ethereal vision of intricately designed flower arrangements, many with carnations and peonies as their feature flower, in combination with their soothing aroma and graceful presence, creates a serene mood and provides comfort to all who look upon their dazzling petals and greenery. The Serene Blessings Wreath is no exception, and its delicate beauty will remind those gathered in attendance at the memorial service of the circular nature of life as they bask in the glow of the pale cream and white carnations and peonies nestle among the verdant greenery and delicate blooms.  

During times of strife and grief, expressing oneself with the natural beauty of flowers is a traditional method to face the sadness and uncertainty of these hardships. Creating a soothing atmosphere by festooning the space with the gorgeous natural beauty of graceful blooms can go a long way toward calming the soul and healing the heart when it’s been wounded by the emotional battles of life. The serene grace and timeless beauty of classic flowers help us remember to be optimistic that the long winter of sadness will end and the sun will shine again on the earth and on our hearts as they heal from the sadness and grief of loss.
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