Salute to a Patriot™ Standing Heart - Sympathy Arrangement – Flower Co.
Salute to a Patriot™ Standing Heart is the perfect tribute to a fallen Marine. A pearly white heart consisting of chrysanthemums is accented with an arrangement of red roses, white Asiatic lilies and lush greens, as well as a white banner that reads, “Semper Fidelis USMC,” to create an incredible presentation at their final memorial service. Displayed on a wire easel.  

The incredible sacrifice made by members of the armed forces cannot be understated, and it’s only fitting that for the fallen service member’s memorial service, an appropriately glorious tribute to their life and legacy should be on display. You’ll feel a sense of pride when you gaze upon the magnificent, regal beauty of the Salute to a Patriot Standing Heart, a grand flower arrangement that touches the heart and brings a sense of patriotism and deep reverence. Bright mums and bright blooms adorn this special arrangement, presented with pride and standing tall on a wire stand, providing a gorgeous tribute to the service member who has passed away.  

The Salute to a Patriot Standing Heart offers those gathered to honour the memory of the fallen Marine a sense of deep patriotism, making each chest swell with pride as they remember the bravery and sacrifice made by the departed soldier. The colours and textures of the classic blooms on display in The Salute to a Patriot Standing Heart are traditional for a memorial service — beautiful flowers that contribute to a stunning tribute for someone who has served in the military. The lilies, roses, and mums are arranged together in a glorious pattern that creates a felicitous laudation to that person who devoted so much of themselves to the cause of their country.  

Flowers are an important part of every memorial service, and this stunning arrangement helps to bring a sense of serenity and calm to the bereaved. With its regal standing and stately demeanour, The Salute to a Patriot Standing Heart cuts an impressive figure and makes an appropriate focal point at any memorial or funeral service. You can be sure that your friend or loved one’s memory will be honoured with The Salute to a Patriot Standing Heart, a glorious way to show respect and dignity to the life and legacy of the fallen Marine.  

Memorial services festooned with flowers are a traditional way to remember the great sacrifices and selflessness of the fallen Marine in your life, and The Salute to a Patriot Standing Heart ensures that the great legacy and memory of that special person will be adequately honoured. The cascading waterfall of vibrant red roses and lilies contrasted with the verdant greenery of the leaves, all against a brilliant white backdrop of carefully selected chrysanthemums, is an awe-inspiring arrangement that inspires one to consider the glorious service of the departed service member. When the friends and family of the deceased gather together to share in honouring their departed loved one, flowers are a special way to create a soothing, serene atmosphere that encourages those gathered to remember the departed person with grace and love. You’ll feel the beauty and regal serenity emanating from this glorious flower arrangement as you think about the life and times of the person you’ve lost as well as the cyclical nature of life and appreciated those you have gathered with you.  

Approximately 24″H x 24″W.
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