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In this time of mourning, express all the faith, hope and love they inspired in you with a beautiful Rosary with Red Spray Rose for inside the casket. Our florists craft this touching tribute from fresh red spray roses and a string of rosary beads and then finish it off with baby’s breath and a satin ribbon. It’s a heartfelt way for children and grandchildren of the departed to celebrate a family’s shared faith. Arrangement of one dozen fresh red spray roses draped around a large string of rosary beads, accented by baby’s breath and finished with a satin ribbon.  

These times of grief are difficult for everyone, and it can be an important part of the healing and grieving process to take the time to select a fitting floral tribute to your departed loved one. The act of choosing flowers and flower accents to accompany the casket and decorate the space for the memorial service can be a lovely ritual that aids in the healing process and provides solace to all participants. This rosary with red spray roses is a beautiful way to honour your faith and provide a comforting, beautiful accompaniment to the departed person on their final journey toward eternity. The deep red colour of the red spray roses is elegantly accented by the delicate baby’s breath, and the two together provide a special tribute to the deceased.  

Your faith and that of the departed person will be honoured in a splendid, grand way when you choose the rosary with red spray roses as an accent to the memorial service. This arrangement is truly a magnificent way to send off your friend or loved one while showing all in attendance the deep faith that helps us get through the difficult times that come when a loved one passes away. Red is a regal colour that symbolizes the deep feelings of love and eternal affection you will always have for the deceased, and it provides a strong symbol when placed within the casket in the form of these beautiful and delicate red spray roses. Mourners at the funeral or memorial service will be comforted and calmed by the sight of the elegant satin ribbon and rosary beads, nestled lovingly in the casket to accompany the deceased to their final resting place.   

The rosary with red spray roses is a classic choice to demonstrate your faith as you pay your respects to the departed, providing an elegant and memorable vision of peace and shared faith. You’ll feel comforted and a sense of deep serenity as you envision your loved one making their final journey with red roses and the deep symbolism of the rosary by their side. Funeral and memorial services are important occasions on which to pay respects to our friends and loved ones, and flowers are a traditional way in which to demonstrate the deep love and affection we feel for the deceased person. The language of flowers has been used for generations to symbolize this final goodbye. 
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