Perfect Date™ Gift Basket – Flower Co.
Perfect Date Gift Basket is a graceful, sumptuous gift basket that features an assortment of chocolate-filled goodies. This basket is beautifully presented and features Brown & Haley Cashew Roca, Barista's Best Chocolate Supreme Cocoa Mix, Pirouline Chocolate Hazelnut Wafers Duo Pack, Brown & Haley Almond Roca, Comfort Collection Roasted Almonds, Aunt Gloria Mini Almond Hazelnut Biscotti, Aunt Gloria's Sugar Cookiesand and 2 Diamonds Design Bone China Mugs!

Chocolate lovers rejoice: this date basket is sure to bring a smile to the face of every cocoa-loving person in your life. With special chocolate goodies for everyone, this gift basket won’t disappoint. There is plenty to share, making this date gift basket an ideal choice to send your sweetheart ahead of a fun night you share together, sampling the scrumptious snacks and delighting in every chocolate detail. If you are looking for a gift that will surprise that special person and celebrate the love you share together, the date gift basket is what you need.  

This is no ordinary gift basket. Filled with chocolate treats that will surprise and delight anyone who loves sweets, it’s perfect for date night and will leave you both with a satisfied sweet tooth. Choose your favourite snacks and delight in each sumptuous morsel as you explore the date gift basket together and choose your favourite treats from the bounty of chocolate goodness. It’s perfect for date night, but this is not just a date basket. This gift basket is the perfect choice to delight the taste buds of your whole family, or just that special someone. Send it ahead of a fun holiday party, or bring it into the office to share with all of your delighted colleagues. They’ll marvel over the diverse array of special treats, with enough to share and plenty to go around.   

This beautiful gift basket is perfect to give to anyone. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate reduces and calms stress hormones and generates endorphins —  it makes us feel more relaxed and happy when doing our daily activities. And with the added benefit of antioxidants, chocolate is a perfect snacking choice that will satisfy your cocoa cravings and bring a smile to everyone’s face. This basket is ideal for any time of year, but it’s especially lovely on a cold winter’s night when you are looking forward to snuggling up with your special date and sharing a cup of hot cocoa, a delicious piece of dark chocolate, and a sweet smile as you share the goodies and get cosy indoors. The weather outside might be frightful, but you’ll be cosy and happy inside with your sweetie as you enjoy delicious treats and share smiles. Take the time to slow down and appreciate the sweeter side of life with this sharable gift basket.   

15′ x 4′ x 9′
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