Peaceful Memories™ Casket Spray - Floral Cross - Flower Co.
The FTD® Peaceful Memories™ Casket Spray is a gorgeous way to commemorate the faith and devotion of the deceased. White carnations are arranged in the shape of a cross accented in the middle with white roses and spray roses, and along the sides with lush greens, to create a lovely casket spray that brings peace and solace to those that attend their final farewell.  

Your faith and that of the deceased can be on display with this stately, beautiful casket spray that highlights the beauty and delicacy of white roses and carnations in a simple yet dignified arrangement, meant to be placed on the lid of the casket at the funeral or memorial service. The Peaceful Memories Casket Spray is a lovely way to pay your respects to the departed person with flowers, which sometimes speak more than we could ever express with their delicate blooms and gentle fragrance.   

The intricate folds of the pale roses and carnations in this cross shaped floral arrangement provides a lovely dance of light and colour, accented by lush greens that provide a perfect backdrop for the bright, calming tones of white and cream in the blooms. This cross shaped rose arrangement is truly a grand way to send your friend or loved one on their final journey toward eternity as you bless them with your love and devotion. Share your faith and feel the light of Heaven’s blessings at the memorial service as you gaze at this lovely display of pale blooms and verdant greens in the Peaceful Memories Casket Spray.   

Carnations and roses have long been traditional components of memorial services, and the Peaceful Memories Casket Spray features both of these classic flowers in a cross shaped rose arrangement. Flowers provide a sense of calmness, serenity, and quiet contemplation to those gathered to remember the life of the departed, and a cross shaped floral arrangement is a lovely way to provide a sense of joy when those gathered reflect upon the life and legacy of the departed loved one. 

At the times when we feel most alone, it can be helpful to think about the good times we shared with the deceased, recalling summer mornings when the spectre of death was far away, and we could enjoy the company of our loved one in peace and comfort. When we gaze upon the delicate blossoms contained within this stunning flower arrangement, we are brought back to those happier times and we are reminded of the everlasting love we all share in the light of the lord. 

Honour your loved one with this splendid send-off flower arrangement and provide a gentle sense of calm while demonstrating your faith with these cross  shaped flowers, resplendent and glorious in pale shades of white and cream.  

Our artisanal professional floral artists at The Flower Co. have perfected the art of creating delicate, artfully designed arrangements that symbolize all the love and affection you feel for your loved one. You can be assured that a great deal of time and dedication has gone into crafting beautiful flower arrangements that help bring remaining loved ones together and provide a sense of calm and grace for the funeral or memorial service. 

Approximately 31″H x 22″W.
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