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Let our florist design a bouquet and have your favourite flowers delivered today. Simply pick the colours you would like us to use along with your favourite flowers so that we can create a custom arrangement that’s perfect for you!  

You are the bouquet maker when you build a bouquet! You can create a bouquet all your own, expressing your style and taste, when you choose your own blooms and design your bouquet yourself. Choose from dozens of flowers and accents as you select your own flower types and colours. Make your bouquet with your own personal flower selections in mind and really get creative as you express yourself and create your own bouquet of your dreams. You can personalize each bloom and make it as large or small as you like. When you design your bouquet, you are the florist! Arrange the blooms any way you like, in any colour combination. Lilies, roses, sunflowers; reds, purples, pinks; any combination or colour scheme is open to you when you create a bouquet.  

To design your own bouquet, first, select your colour scheme. You can decide among bright colours like red, orange, and pink, or understated tones of violet, yellow, and blush. Once you’ve decided which colours to use, you build a bouquet with different flowers. Decide among big, exuberant blooms or smaller, delicate flowers; it’s up to you! You are the bouquet maker. Build a bouquet with full, resplendent flowers to send as a gift, or just use your creativity to make something all your own just for yourself. Your imagination is the only limit when you create a bouquet.  

When you create your own bouquet, you are in control. You can decide to create a monochromatic display of sunflowers, evoking sunny feelings of light and love, or a more dramatic arrangement with dark colours of purple and blue. Design your own bouquet with a special person in mind, and create it according to their tastes. Do they like bright, cheerful colours, such as yellow and orange, or are they more inclined to enjoy deep, soulful arrangements of deep purples? The choice is yours — you are the expert florist in this scenario, free to use whichever blooms strike your fancy. Go on a colour adventure and mix and match bright and dark tones — like pink, orange, and yellow — or keep it simple and classic by selecting a monochromatic array of red roses.   

You could also select one type of flower in different colours to create a stunning array of fragrant blooms. Try roses in different shades of white, red, pink, and burgundy for an unexpected display of freshness and vitality. Or, try a sweet bouquet of pink lilies and carnations, all suited to your own tastes or the tastes of the recipient. There are no rules when you are the florist in charge of the design.   

If you have a special event coming up, you could select the colours and flowers according to that theme. For a baby shower, try mixing blue and violet hues with pinks and reds, and adding baby’s breath and carnations to top it off. If you’re going to an anniversary celebration, try mixing roses and carnations in a joyful display of love and tradition. Got a holiday event coming up? You can select colours pertaining to that holiday and make an arrangement suitable for the occasion. For an autumn celebration, try oranges and yellows in a shining harvest display. For a springtime wedding shower, you can combine white, pink, and violet into a lovely arrangement sure to delight the bride and groom. Graduation wouldn’t be complete without flowers, and a traditional bouquet of lilies and carnations is the perfect gift to surprise the graduate and add that special festive touch to the graduation photos. 
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