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Heart Shaped Roses Bouquet


My Heart to Yours™ Rose Bouquet blooms with an array of roses and spray roses to give your sweetheart a rush of romance! Pink roses and red roses are brought together with hot pink, light pink and red spray roses to form an eye-catching, heart shaped flower bouquet. Presented in a designer red glass heart-shaped vase.  

We place this bouquet in the number one spot of our red-shaded bouquets: why you ask? Because this gorgeous bouquet is not only romantic in the traditional sense but also possesses a sense of cuteness with its shape and size. The flowers arrive in a stunning heart shaped red vase that gives the arrangement a stylish and unique look. Your special someone will definitely be touched by receiving one of these.  

This arrangement is specifically made if you are looking to touch someone’s heart. There is no need to speak any words to express your love because, with this heart shaped roses bouquet, the flowers speak for themselves. They symbolize caring, love, and tenderness and this is what we are all looking for! Someone who cares enough and has the intention of showing their love with a gift like this that will only bring cheer to your heart. Have this feeling delicately created with flowers such as red and pink roses flowers, to give the look and the intention of the love you want.  

In addition to the flowers, the shapely and stunning red vase represents the heart itself, compassion and understanding, as well as courage. The whole heart-shaped flower bouquet represents a multitude of lovely feelings, each aspect of it carefully considered and followed through.  

This is a luxurious floral arrangement and would make an outstanding gift for Valentine’s Day as it can represent all the love you have for that special person in your life but in just one flowery gift. It can also work on any other time of the year, as there is nothing more surprising than receiving a mix of rose flowers like these on a random, unexpected day!  

Do not miss the chance to send this heart-shaped rose bouquet if you would like to make someone feel your love and care.  

Measures approximately 8"H x 7"L.
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