Loving Remembrance™ Wreath - Sympathy Arrangement – Flower Co.
The FTD® Loving Remembrance™ Wreath is a blushing display of grace and beauty to honour the life of the deceased at their final tribute. Pink roses, Oriental lilies, gladiolus, hydrangea and carnations are brought together with lush greens to form the shape of a wreath, offering warmth and comfort with its sweetly sophisticated elegance. Displayed on a wire easel.  

This beautiful, elegant flower arrangement, specially created by our artisanal professional floral artists for you to pay your last respects to the departed, is a regal tribute that etches their memory into the minds of all attendees at a funeral or memorial service. It’s a stately, graceful token of your love and devotion to the person who has passed and provides a calming presence that emanates serenity and grace to all in attendance. The Loving Remembrance Wreath is a stately arrangement that will reach the heart of each participant of a memorial service and provides a gentle reminder of the circle of life.   

At The Flower Co., we pride ourselves on our dedication to creating elegant flower arrangements that are suitable to honour the memory of those who are no longer with us. Flowers are a traditional part of memorial and funeral services, and we are proud to be able to provide comfort and care in the form of floral arrangements during times that are difficult for all involved. The Loving Remembrance Wreath is a specially created tribute to your departed loved one, conveying the soft feelings of serenity and grace that you need during times of hardship. With this beautiful flower arrangement, you convey more than beauty and loveliness, you help provide support and comfort.   

The Loving Remembrance Wreath is a beautiful arrangement composed of various different shades of pale pink, delicate cream, and soft white. This beautiful combination creates a soft halo of light that beams out on attendees of a memorial service and articulates without words the emotions of loss we feel while also evoking feelings of comfort and serenity. This delicate, intricate arrangement is a beautiful way to honour and pay tribute to the special person who is no longer with us.  

Luscious roses, oriental lilies, hydrangeas and carnations comprise this resplendent flower arrangement, making a fitting tribute to celebrate the life and memory of the deceased person. These beautiful pink flowers in the Loving Remembrance Wreath represent love, harmony and peace, which makes this arrangement a perfect detail for a memorial service. You’ll feel the waves of calm and grace pass through the room from this stunning flower arrangement, bringing a sense of peace to everyone gathered to remember the legacy of the departed person. Flowers are a traditional choice to provide comfort and calm to those left behind during a memorial service, and this memorial wreath is a beautiful way to pay respects.  

Approximately 23-inches in diameter.
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