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Simply stunning! This Mother’s Day she’ll adore the simple, elegant splendour of lavender long-stemmed roses presented in a glorious blown glass vase.

When it comes to pampering mom or that special someone, we always want to give our best. We look for the most special and beautiful gifts to make their special day that much more memorable. That’s why we at The Flower Co. have created this glorious bouquet of lavender flowers, bursting with lovely purple brilliance, just for that lovely lady on this special day. This unique flower arrangement will surprise and delight, bringing a smile to the face of everyone whose eyes fall upon it. This coveted lavender bouquet is sure to add a special touch to any Mother’s Day gift and will help make the day dazzling.

These lavender flowers are a special, unique lavender bouquet of roses, presented in a spectacular purple blown-glass vase. Our team of artisanal professional floral artists and floral designers wanted to create a lavender bouquet that was beautiful and unique, but also simple, and these lavender flowers are just that — out-of-the-ordinary and exquisitely beautiful.

This arrangement of lavender flowers is a detailed flower arrangement, simple and minimal, but also eye-catching and lovely. The rose takes center stage in this lavender bouquet, shining bright with violet and purple tones offset perfectly by the lush greenery of the leaves. Lavender flowers have a lot of symbolism, representing royalty and prestige. Give that special someone this stunning bouquet and let them know you think they are the best of the best.

When you send someone lavender flowers you are sending a deep message of love and admiration. Flowers speak volumes, and sometimes they can express the deep emotions we might not be able to communicate with words. Say it through blooms and share the exquisite gift of a luscious arrangement of lavender flowers, a perfect gift for a birthday celebration, a happy occasion like a wedding or baby shower, a sweet gift for a favourite teacher or coworker, or just about anyone whose day would be brightened with a special bouquet of vibrant blooms.

It’s important to celebrate the special times in life, and flowers are a wonderful way to mark those occasions that we share with the people in our lives who are the most important to us. We can do this by getting together to make new memories, and by sending our love and admiration across the miles with special gifts. Freshly cut flowers communicate those fond feelings and make it clear to our loved ones that we are thinking about them — even if we can’t be with them. When they open their door to the thoughtful gift of fragrant, cheerful flowers, they’ll have your love imprinted on their hearts and minds, and you’ll know they understand your intentions without having to say a word. Share special moments and make memories with this lovely bouquet.

Standard Bouquet – Includes 12 rose stems measuring approximately 24″H x 21″W.
Fuller Bouquet – Includes 15 rose stems measuring approximately 24″H x 21″W.
Premium Bouquet – Includes 18 rose stems measuring approximately 24″H x 21″W.
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