Isle of White - Rose, Lily and Dusty Miller Arrangement – Flower Co.
Breathtaking! Blooms of bright white and cream are rich with texture and innocent beauty. Presented in a versatile bubble vase she’ll use later for roses, tulips, potpourri, and candlelit centrepieces, this is a fabulously fragrant choice for a bride-to-be, your beloved mom, or an old friend. Crème roses, white Asiatic lilies, white stock and beautiful dusty miller are delivered in a fun bubble vase.  

The Isle of White arrangement is truly stunning; a veritable feast for the senses – fragrant, delicate, multilayered, and gleaming with pale blooms. The Isle of White is a beautiful flower display that stands out for its beauty in terms of the combination of colors as well as its multitude of tones and sizes. Lovely shades of white, pale green, cream, beige and eggshell blend together in a cloudlike, dreamy mixture of dazzling exuberance.   

Nothing says more freshness and harmony than the Isle of White. This bouquet, aside from its dramatic beauty and charm, is the perfect gift for that special person. You can be completely sure that they will absolutely swoon over the Isle of White arrangement — it’s sure to delight and surprise anyone who receives it. The harmony that the blooms in the Isle of White evoke is the result of our team of professional florists working with our floral designers, sharing their gifts and talents to create this special piece.  

Ideal for Mother’s Day, a birthday celebration, someone’s special achievement like a job promotion, or just to say hello, the Isle of White flowers make any day special. Need to say “thank you” to someone for doing you a favor? Want to make someone’s anniversary or graduation just that much more special? Look no further than this arrangement — the Isle of White flowers are a gift from heaven, a truly ethereal bouquet destined to be the star of the show when placed on any table or desk.   

Moms are special people, and the Isle of White bouquet, with its delicate beauty, will melt her heart. She’ll know that you are thinking of her on her special day — be it a birthday or Mother’s Day or just because — when she receives this lovely arrangement. You could also think of your sister, wife or another special sweetheart when sending this resplendent floral arrangement.   

Situated in a clear glass vase, this bouquet complements just about any decor and works wonderfully on a dining room table as well as to brighten up a bathroom, add some cheer to a dark corner, bring some cozy happiness to a living room, or add liveliness to a lackluster entryway. You can’t go wrong with the pale petals in this floral arrangement — this is a gift that will leave a lasting impression on anyone’s heart and mind.
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