In Our Thoughts™ Arrangement - Rose, Tulip and Lily Bouquet – Flower Co.
The FTD® In Our Thoughts™ Arrangement is a symbol of pure peace and caring kindness. White roses, tulips, freesia, Oriental lilies, double lisianthus, Monte Casino asters and snapdragons are beautifully offset by bright green Bells of Ireland, ivy vines, and an assortment of lush greens to create an elegant display that conveys your deepest sympathies for their loss. Arrives in a large round whitewash basket.  

We know that these moments are difficult times for you and your family. These are moments when we want to offer you our best service and the best quality in our floral arrangements. The Flower Co. is proud to present to you the In Our Thoughts Arrangement of flowers. This tulip and lily bouquet allows you to send that message of comfort, relief and companionship to the people who need it most. A tulips and lilies bouquet is a traditional and lovely choice to help you honor that person with whom you shared unforgettable moments. The tulips and lilies bouquet comprises primarily white blooms. Our floral designers and our floral team created a beautiful and striking flower arrangement with a graceful air.   

At The Flower Co., we not only want to create unique bloom arrangements of the highest quality and impressive beauty, we also recognize that this is a difficult and painful time, and we want to help guide you through the decisions you need to make about floral arrangements to honour your loved one. The In Our Thoughts Arrangement, a tulip and lily bouquet, conveys serene feelings of grace and light, encouraging all visitors to a viewing or memorial to take a few minutes to remember the departed in a special way. Additionally, sending tulips and lilies bouquet is a perfect way to convey your own feelings of deep empathy and sorrow to the family of the departed.   

The white tulips in this arrangement symbolize remembering the person’s life and legacy. When white tulips and lilies are part of a funeral, they encourage us to think about a lovely memory of the person who has just passed away. These resplendent white blooms can convey that you wish eternal rest for the person who has passed. White lilies have a beautiful scent, which helps us understand that the soul of the deceased has returned to tranquillity.   

Give this delicate gift of caring and comfort as you share with friends and family the grief that accompanies the passing of a loved one, but also the reflection that comes from considering the circle of life and the ways in which we can help each other through these trying times. The ethereal white of these delicate blooms is the perfect way to express words that may not come easily and share feelings of comfort.   

Approximately 30″H x 24″W.
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