Immorata™ Casket Spray - Rose, Tulip and Carnation Arrangement – Flower Co.
Immorata™ Casket Spray offers soft beauty and blushing comfort to honour the life of the deceased. Lavender roses, chrysanthemums and parrot tulips are elegantly arranged amongst pink carnations, gladiolus, stock, hydrangea and lush greens to create a presentation, intended to bedeck the top of the casket, that evokes sweet memories of your loved one for their final farewell service.  

These resplendent flowers show elegance and brilliance, a fitting tribute to honor that special person who is no longer here. The Immorata Casket Spray is a large flower arrangement that will attract the attention of everyone participating in the memorial service. A The Flower Co., we know that this might be a difficult time, and we hope to help ease your mind by providing quality, beautiful flower arrangements to make your loved one’s memorial service a fitting tribute to their memory that you will be able to think back on with fondness.  

These luminous, vibrant blooms, arranged delicately in a waterfall formation in various shades of pink, are created by The Flower Co.’s professional floral designers in an intentional way, meant to communicate a gentle sense of serenity and love for the departed. The Immorata Casket Spray is a lovely way to show your devotion to the person you’ve lost and provide a special parting gift to them. The arrangement makes a stunning display at a memorial service and creates a gentle atmosphere of loving calm.  

Flowers are an important part of any memorial service, and they are used to create a sense of calm and beauty for those mourning the departed. It is a traditional method to show respect and condolences. The rose flower is a classic part of arrangements for these occasions, providing comfort and feelings of grateful love to the family and friends of the departed. The Immorata Casket Spray is intricately beautiful, combining many different shades of pale pink roses and carnations with luscious sprigs of verdant greenery. When saying goodbye to a loved one, flowers in this soft pink shade are a representation of closeness and love.  

The Immorata Casket Spray also has a shape that stands out over other floral arrangements, with lovely flowers falling delicately and gently in a beautiful, undulating cascade of petals and leaves. The Immorata Casket Spray is the perfect tribute to the life of a person who has passed on, providing a regal presence and soothing visitors to a memorial service with its muted, gentle hues and calming aroma. The delicate petals of the roses and carnations and the intricate way the two blooms complement and reflect each other symbolizes the delicate circle of life and reminds us of lovely springtime breezes and happy days spent with the people who are most important in our lives.
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