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Golden Memories™ Arrangement bursts with sunlit beauty to honour the life of the deceased. Brilliant yellow Asiatic lilies, roses and solidago are offset by cream roses, Bells of Ireland, teepee palm fronds and lush greens to create a dazzling display. Arranged in a large papier mache urn, this incredible presentation of floral grace will bring a cheerful elegance to their final farewell service.  

At The Flower Co., our professional floral artists have chosen this beautiful yellow hue to be the star of the Golden Memories Arrangement. The buttery tones and soft, bright colours let the blooms shine as they emanate a soft light out into the room, bringing a feeling of calm and serenity to any memorial service. You can be sure that this flower arrangement is appropriate as a suitable tribute to the life and memory of the departed when you display the Golden Memories Arrangement.   

Savour the golden memories you have of your loved one as you reflect on their lives and think about the good times you enjoyed together. You’ll recall long summer days spent frolicking in the sun and feeling the warm rays on your face as you gaze at the Golden Memories Arrangement, a regal focal point for the memorial service. Lush greens are a perfect complement to the sunny flowers in this arrangement, woven together with great care and intention, meant to provide comfort and grace to all who view it. This memorial arrangement is suitable to accompany you in these moments of sadness and loss when you might feel that the darkness outweighs the sun. This arrangement brings to mind the golden memories you shared together and reminds you of the circle of life.   

Elegance and sophistication radiate from this memorial bouquet, shining through feelings of sadness and grief; it’s truly worthy of being part of the farewell of this special person, where you honour their existence, the moments they left recorded the memories of each of the people who are part of this memorial. Think of the golden memories of laughter, play, good times and celebrations you shared, special times that will never be forgotten. This arrangement pays tribute to this special person, radiating grace, dignity and peace.  

This bouquet of golden memories is made up of a mix of yellow asiatic lilies, which are flowers with a lot of symbolism — they represent the joy of living and celebrating someone's life. Yellow flowers represent optimism and energy. You can help support those people you care about so much; they will feel comforted and warm in the company of these flowers. You can send your support, consolation, care and love to those who are grieving with this lovely, resplendent bouquet, expressing with flowers the emotions that might be difficult to communicate with words. 
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