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Gather around a gorgeous centerpiece this harvest season. Our Giving Thanks Centerpiece is sure to add a touch of heartfelt warmth to any celebration with its collection of orange roses, sunflowers, glycerized oak leaves and orange carnations set around a golden taper candle. Whether you’re a guest or the host, complete the table with an elegant centerpiece sure to brighten up the room.  

The autumn holidays are a wonderful time for families to gather together from near and far around a festive table decorated with the Giving Thanks Candle Centerpiece. This is a time of year when we join to give thanks for all the good things in life that we all enjoy: health, happiness, and the joy of being together. 

A beautifully decorated table becomes the focal point for these joyous gatherings, and nothing puts everyone in a thankful mood better than a gorgeous Thanksgiving candle centerpiece, festooned with flowers and dazzling with eye-catching colour. Sunflowers, oak leaves flaming with fall colour, and orange roses and carnations surround a gorgeous yellow candle in the Thanksgiving candle centerpiece, providing a warm halo of festive light and warmth for all to enjoy. You’ll be proud to welcome family and friends alike to your home this fall to enjoy the bounty of the season and take time to reflect upon the passing of time and the blessings we all share. 

The Giving Thanks Candle Centerpiece is the perfect decoration to place in the center of the dining room table, sure to draw compliments from your holiday guests. It’s a can’t-miss conversation starter with its lovely, festive colours and cheerful, bright aura. This Thanksgiving candle centerpiece is also a perfect piece of festive holiday decor to place on your mantelpiece, front hall table, or just about anywhere you’d like to highlight the rich colours and cozy feelings of fall. Jam-packed with autumnal colours, the Thanksgiving candle centerpiece features gorgeous blooms complemented by verdant greens, evoking warm, cheerful feelings and providing a lovely counterpart to the chilly temperatures outdoors. You’ll feel instantly bright and cheery when you come inside from the cold to gaze at this beautiful array of flowers and greens, all set off by the bright colours and stately presence of the sunny candle. 

The Thanksgiving candle centerpiece is a great housewarming or holiday hostess gift to bring to the big feast, and guests will delight in the special feeling they get when gathered around the table to enjoy the warm comfort foods of the season, like cranberry sauce, turkey, corn, green bean casserole, and hot drinks. The beautiful blooms complete the holiday vibe and provide a gorgeous focal point for diners to enjoy as they take the time to give thanks together for all the blessings we receive throughout the year.

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember that friends and family are truly the most important parts of life, and the good times spent together are what we should take time to be thankful for during this special time. Taking time to slow down and enjoy this cozy season together is part of the magic of this time of year, and decorating your home with beautiful blooms and making the atmosphere special is a fun activity you can do to help celebrate the season. Take time to recognize all of your blessings this year and make the meal special. 

Size is approximate.
Stands approximately 8″H x 16″W
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