Garden of Grace™ Arrangement - Rose, Dianthus and Liatris Wreath – Flower Co.
This masterpiece of floral sympathy creates a beautiful and reverential tabletop setting for an urn holding the cremated remains of your loved one. Handcrafted by a local FTD artisan florist, this stunning and original creation is perfect for formal visitation or memorial services. Constructed on a modified wreath frame, it combines cream and yellow roses, fuchsia Dianthus, purple Liatris and stock, lavender cushion pompons, green trachelium and hydrangea all accented with lush greenery including ivy vines.  

The Flower Co.’s artisanal professional florists have designed the Garden of Grace Arrangement to honour your loved one’s memory with a splendid display of glorious blooms. This exquisite liatris arrangement includes vibrant colours blended together expertly to create a resplendent array of lovely flowers and greens. This arrangement sends a message of consolation and comfort in these difficult times that you and those close to you are experiencing.  

This liatris arrangement is truly a regal and special collection of flowers meant to convey peace, comfort, and serenity to those attending a memorial service. It’s important to feel love and closeness during these difficult times, and the Garden of Grace Arrangement is a spectacular way in which to bring family and friends close together to honour the memory of the departed. The Flower Co. wants to be of service and an instrument of consolation and accompaniment at this time. The Garden of Grace Arrangement is a resplendent centrepiece and perfectly frames the urn for cremains or the container of the deceased as a loving and beautiful tribute.  

This unique liatris arrangement is full of a variety of special and beautiful flowers, among which you can find roses, stock, and luscious greens. The greenery adds freshness to the flower arrangement and represents a fresh and harmonious air. The main colours of the Garden of Grace Arrangement are purple and yellow, important colours because the colour purple is a spiritual and deep hue, symbolizing harmony. Yellow couldn’t be left out, because yellow flowers represent light, energy and splendour.   

These beautiful hues blended together to contrast with the verdant greens achieving a harmonious and elegant floral design, which will catch the eye and is a beautiful addition to any funeral or memorial service. This flower arrangement is proper and suitable for these moments, bringing an air of peace, love and consolation. Sometimes flowers can send a message of peace, hope and grace that we are unable to express in words, and with blooms, we are able to communicate the love and peace we wish to send to our loved ones or friends in a difficult situation. This exquisite flower arrangement conveys that grace and condolences perfectly and is a beautiful way to honour and respect the life of the loved one we have lost. It provides a special way to remember that person who is no longer with us. 
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