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Everyone should have the chance to enjoy the fabulous tastes and flavours of fresh fruit! This classic gift box that holds farm fresh fruits and delicious sweet and savoury gourmet snacks. A total of nine crunchy apples and juicy oranges are ready to eat, along with two creamy kinds of cheese, water crackers, 2 packages of Central valley seasoned almonds, Napa Valley sweet and hot mustard, Ghirardelli® chocolate squares and California rail fruit candy.  

If you’ve been searching for a gift to send friends or loved ones to share in the bounty of the season and spread a little joy — along with delicious cheese! — you’ve come to the right place. This fresh fruit and cheese box truly has something that everyone is sure to enjoy. Whether you’re sending this crackers and cheese gift box to work colleagues or family members far away, you can’t go wrong, because there is a treat for everyone’s taste contained within.   

You’ll find juicy, crisp apples, scrumptious citrus fruits, salty nuts, sweet candies, delicious cheeses and much much more all packaged together for everyone to enjoy. Send them the gift of delicious snacking and sit back and wait for the delighted “thank-you” wishes as they crunch down on a delicious cracker smeared with delectable cheese. Yum!  

Whether the recipients enjoy sweet, salty, mild or spicy flavours, they’ll find the answer to their snack cravings in this gourmet gift box. You can send this fruit and cheese gift box as a thank-you to someone for helping you out or as a housewarming gift to friends or family who has just moved into a new home. No matter the occasion, there’s something for everyone in this fruit and cheese gift box. Salty? Check. Sweet? Check. Delicious? Check!   

Healthy and fresh, you know you’re sharing the bounty of nature with friends and family when you have this fresh fruit and cheese gift box hand-delivered right to their door. You can’t go wrong when sending a fresh fruit and cheese box, and it’s sure to become a family favourite. If you’ve got a picky person on your gift list, fret no more — even the most discerning snacker won’t be able to resist this delectable fresh fruit gift box.   

Perfect for taking on a picnic on a fine summer day — or even just to the living room, in front of a roaring fire! — this fruit and cheese gift box lets your friends and loved ones enjoy delectable snacks and the joy of discovering new favourites. Fruit and cheese boxes have long been a classic gift for the holiday season, but this fruit and cheese box can be gifted and enjoyed at just about any time of the year — autumn, spring, summer, or even in the middle of winter when we could all use a taste of the fresh fruits of summer. 
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