Forever Heart - Wreath of Sunflowers, Roses and Carnations – Flower Co.
Forever™ Heart is a brilliant expression of your eternal love. Golden sunflowers, soft yellow roses, yellow carnations and solidago are enhanced with seeded eucalyptus to create this beautiful heart-shaped wreath.  

The loss of a loved one is always a difficult time, and at The Flower Co. we want to bring you comfort and calm in the midst of grief. Flowers can convey the emotions we cannot express in words, and this heart shaped sunflower bouquet speaks volumes with its glorious, vibrant colours and intricate, artfully designed patterns. This sunflowers and carnations heart arrangement is sure to provide comfort and grace to all who attend the memorial service for your departed loved one or friend. Shining with natural resplendence and emanating a calm serenity, this Forever Heart speaks directly to mourners with quiet dignity. It is truly an ideal way to honour the memory of your friend or loved one.   

Sunflowers and carnations are a beautiful combination of blooms that, when combined together in an arrangement, produce a lovely vision of grace and elegance. This heart flowers arrangement is no exception — you’ll feel the stunning, warm majesty emanating from the array of blooms, which looks stately situated at the front of the room. The eucalyptus and solidago are woven together in this heart shaped sunflower bouquet to create an amazingly intricate and eye-catching display of colour and texture. These heart flowers truly warm the heart, providing all attendees of the memorial service with a warm feeling of comfort and calm as they reflect on cherished memories of the departed. The sunny, bright colours in the Forever Heart arrangement are situated on a wire stand, making it visible for all to see and providing a regal focal point in the room.   

The bright colours call to mind sunny days spent out-of-doors, gloriously carefree in the summer sun, admiring all of nature’s bounty. Visitors to the memorial service will be transported to bright summer days, picnicking in a field full of sunflowers as the dappled sunlight dips and bends through the gentle swaying of willow branches on a light summer breeze. You’ll remember wonderful times spent with the deceased and reflect upon the brevity — but also the beauty — of life itself. In some of life’s darkest hours, blooms are one way to shift our perspective from dark thoughts to warm, calm introspection; when gazing upon the majesty of these blooms, we think about the ways in which nature’s beauty grounds us and reminds us of our own mortality, but also the simple, everyday moments that we need to take time to appreciate. Looking upon beautiful blooms is truly a reminder that we need to take the time each day to stop and smell the roses, no matter how busy we are. 

The sunflowers steal the show as the main element in these heart flowers, shining bright and cheerful as their yellow colours dance among the pale whites and verdant greens that complement their sunny colours. Pale roses provide understated elegance, lending a gentle, classic feel to the arrangement that is sure to delight the eye and evoke feelings of serenity and grace. 

Approx. 28H x 24W
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