Flowing Garden™ Arrangement - Sympathy Arrangement - Flower Co.
Flowing Garden™ Arrangement bursts with a bounty of blooms to create a stunning tribute of the deceased at their final farewell service. Lavender roses, pink gladiolus, purple dendrobium orchids, purple larkspur and pink hydrangea are accented with an assortment of lush, vibrant greens and perfectly arranged in a papier-mache urn to create a presentation of grand beauty that symbolizes the life of the departed.  

The flowing garden arrangement shines in all its splendour and is the perfect arrangement to bring honour and tribute to a special person who is no longer with us. The flowing garden, 

with its floral grandeur and striking design, is a splendid memorial to honour the legacy of your loved one. The combination of flowers, with their various colours and sizes, create a resplendent display of texture and soft hues, ideal for a memorial service or viewing. A majestic presence at the front of the room, it’s sure to attract respectful eyes and draw the viewer into a peaceful, tranquil state, clear of mind and ready to pay respects to the life of your loved one. In times of sorrow, the simple beauty of flowers can create a welcome respite from troubling thoughts.

The floral designers at The Flower Co. have created the flowing garden arrangement, a bouquet delicately made by expert hands, to be a suitable testament to the life and accomplishments of the departed. The triangular shape of the bouquet represents greatness and importance, symbolizing the solemn occasion. The elegant spires of vibrant purple larkspur lend themselves to the overall theme of a flowing garden, representing elegance and grace. The regal purple tones of the larkspur usher in a sombre mood of dignity. The deep, verdant green hues of the leaves call to mind long-gone summer days spent in carefree joy and help us to remember the happy times we shared with the one we’ve lost.   

The flowing garden arrangement also includes pink-toned blooms that bring a soft, gentle air to the display. Pink hydrangea flowers are a classic choice for a memorial service, providing a timeless, enduring symbol of life and eternal love while creating a sense of comfort to those mourning a loss. Pink, lavender, and purple tones shine in gorgeous simplicity while still standing out as distinguished and elegant. Pink represents love, eternal devotion, faith, and joy — all emotions associated with a meaningful memorial service fitting to the full, rich life of your departed loved one.   

To create a serene, soothing, calming atmosphere and an appropriately beautiful tribute to the departed, the flowing garden is a natural choice. The delicacy of the artfully arranged blooms, soft aroma, and classic style is a welcome addition to a day of sorrow. The display accentuates the atmosphere with an air of peace and serenity. 
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