Final Harvest™ Wreath - Sympathy Wreath - Flower Company – Flower Co.
The Final Harvest Wreath by The Flower Company celebrates a life full of friendship and love with a brilliant assortment of blooms in seasonal hues. Featuring an assortment of golden mums, orange spray roses, lime green hydrangeas, orange mini callas, Queen Anne’s lace, variety of south African berries, willow branches and lush greens creating a stunning arrangement that weaves together a message of friendship and love, lifting spirits when sent to those that are dear to you in this time of sadness.  

The Final Harvest Wreath weaves together layers of delicate textures in an intricate pattern. The harmonious mixture of bright, contrasting colours and soft, fragrant blooms creates a warm glow and gentle scent to lift the spirits of those dear to you in times of grief and loss. The Final Harvest Wreath stands tall on a wire stand, making a dazzling centrepiece that draws the eye upward and lifts the spirits of friends and loved ones.   

The Final Harvest Wreath arrangement helps express the love, dedication, and respect you feel for your loved one through an elegant, dignified grouping of seasonal flowers in a timeless circle — a lovely tribute to honour the memory of your loved one. The eye-catching, colourful mix of shapes and textures are the backdrop for brilliant, complementary hues, a harmony of gentle tones, and a soft, pleasant aroma. One of the most prominent blooms in the Final Harvest Wreath is the classic hydrangea — a special flower symbolizing gratitude and beauty — which perfectly complements the energy and warmth of orange spray roses, creating an aura of grace and hope.   

Flowers accompany us in many of the happiest, most celebratory moments of life — but they also make an appearance in times of loss, grief, and sadness. When we have to say farewell to someone who meant a lot to us, flowers help us convey our affection, gratitude, and support as we face our feelings of loss. Though it can be difficult to navigate this journey, it’s important to choose the symbols and markers that help us best express our eternal love and admiration for those we’ve lost. The attention to detail and care that goes into creating the Final Harvest Wreath is apparent in the selection of every bloom — bright, rich, and meaningful, beckoning in feelings of hope and respect.
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