Festive Spirit Arrangement - Christmas Bouquet with Roses – Flower Co.
The Festive Spirit Arrangement is blooming with burgundy amaryllis that’s full of streaky veins as well as gorgeously fragrant cream garden roses, spray roses and leucadendron cones. It comes presented in a ceramic container and it’s accented with traditional red ornaments, a Christmas bow as well as fragrant winter evergreens.  

The holidays call for great abundance and wonderful splendour: colourful decorations, fresh pine boughs, plenty of food, and lots of togetherness. Everyone looks forward to a beautifully decorated room, and your Christmas table is no exception. No holiday get-together feels quite right without a truly awe-inspiring, festive table centrepiece.   

That’s where the Festive Spirit Arrangement comes in. This show-stopping centrepiece is practically bursting with beautifully striped and magnificently textured burgundy amaryllis blooms, delicately fragrant cream garden roses, burgundy spray roses, burgundy garden roses, and leucadendron cones, clustered together with an eye-popping decorative holiday ribbon. The exquisite floral arrangement comes nestled securely in a white vase, and the joyfully coloured blooms are perfectly accented with traditional deep-red glass holiday ornaments and fragrant, vibrant-green winter evergreen boughs.

  Holiday flowers are always a special surprise — they make a unique seasonal gift that adds a touch of stylish sophistication to any gathering, big or small. Make this season’s holiday flower gift truly unforgettable with the Festive Spirit Arrangement — it’s an annual tradition you’ll want to share with family and friends. The burgundy garden rose perfectly complements the amaryllis; burgundy spray roses and deep emerald evergreen boughs are perfect accompaniments to your Christmas table, adding joy and elegance to every gathering, from casual get-togethers to formal, black-tie affairs.   

The burgundy garden rose has long been a favourite holiday centrepiece, and it’s on display beautifully here, accompanied by burgundy garden roses and complemented perfectly by the delicate, intricate shades of green in the evergreen branches and deep, hazy tones of the burgundy garden roses.  

In this season of gift-giving and togetherness, it’s important to take the time to select an arrangement that truly reflects the spirit of the season: family, warmth, togetherness, and making lasting memories. In that vein, this jubilant arrangement is a special addition to wintertime decor that will delight any holiday host. It’s also perfect for gifting coworkers, bosses, mail carriers, and just about anyone special to you. The burgundy garden rose stands out as the regal and real highlight of this majestic, festive bouquet, but doesn’t outshine the gentle shape of the leucadendron cones, which lend a distinctive structure to the arrangement. The traditional deep red and green hues of the Christmas season blend seamlessly with the rich burgundy of the spray roses and the tender, pale shades of cream and white found in the garden roses.   

No holiday gathering is complete without flowers, and the Festive Spirit Arrangement is the ideal accompaniment to your next office party, holiday birthday, gift exchange, or teacher’s holiday gift. It’s a timeless tradition that brings a spark of joy to the season.   
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