Eternity™ Standing Easel - Yellow Roses and Purple Carnations Wreaths – Flower Co.
The soul’s passage into the hereafter is richly celebrated with this inspiring floral tribute handcrafted by our artisan florist to reflect the symbol of “infinity.” The two conjoined wreaths are constructed of yellow roses, fuchsia and purple carnations, fuchsia dianthus, lavender pompoms and golden solidago accented with lush greens and trimmed with coordinating ribbon. It is a powerful and lovely statement of faith that is sure to console and comfort all who share your loss. Approximately 39″H x 22″W. The Eternity Standing Easel’s flowing circular design inspires thoughtful reflection, quiet grace, and loving remembrance in all who gaze upon it. Its interlocking curves bring to mind the meaning of time and how to best take advantage of the limited years we have to spend with our loved ones. The eternity flowers are tastefully and artfully arranged in a way that draws your eye to each individual, stunning bloom. Each blossom and sprig has been chosen with care with an eye toward complementing colours and a vision of eternal peace.  

The intricate beauty of the stately Eternity Standing Easel brings an elegant, dignified air to your loved one’s memorial, each bloom complementing the others in colour, texture, and shape. Among the eternity flowers, yellow represents vibrant energy, while lavender and purple symbolize deep, profound feelings of respect and understanding. The interlocking infinity wreaths symbolize eternal love and remind us that the ones we’ve lost will live on forever in our dearest memories.   

On what can be a difficult day, the Eternity Standing Easel brings peace and serenity, conjuring a sense of calm as the eye wanders up its delicate curvature. Friends and loved ones will admire the deep green of the leaves, the stunning purple and fuchsia of the blooms, and the beauty of the colours as they meld together in a dance of light and shade. The eternity flowers beautifully complement the rounded, curvy shape of the standing easel, and its rich, vivid hues are a poignant reminder of many sunny, joyous days spent outdoors enjoying nature together.   

Flowers are meant to be part of celebrations in times of happiness and to bring peace and joy in times of great sorrow. The vivid blooms delicately arranged here do just that — motivating the viewer to take a moment’s pause to realign, reflect, and focus on the life and memory of those they’ve lost. In the bloom of the yellow rose and the bright violet of the purple, we are reminded of the eternal circle of life, and how the ones with whom we travel during our days on earth are never truly lost to us when they remain with us in memory. In the soothing green tones of the leaves, we are reminded of the Earth’s everlasting energy, and that our journey across its shores is brief but joyous.  

Approximately 39″H x 22″W.
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