Enchanting Tribute™ Arrangement - Rose, Lily and Sunflower Bouquet. – Flower Co.
Peaceful Tribute™ Arrangement is an elegant memorial that bursts with sun-kissed beauty. This three-sided arrangement brings together the varied elements, colours and textures of cream and red roses, purple stock, yellow mini calla lilies, orange Asiatic lilies, yellow gladiolus, sunflowers and lush greens to create a bright and brilliant display. Seated in a large round banana leaf basket, this arrangement will convey warm sentiments at their final farewell service.  

The Enchanting Tribute Arrangement is a truly inspirational and gallant memorial to your loved one’s memory, shimmering with natural brilliance. Unique, vibrant colours and out-of-the-ordinary combinations make this bouquet truly one-of-a-kind. The Enchanting Tribute Arrangement is energetic and uplifting; the bright, dazzling hues and multilayered textures featured here highlight the originality of the design and combine an original mix of flowers not often seen together in one bouquet. Bright yellow sunflowers, stunning orange lilies, and sunny yellow gladiolus mix together marvellously and bring golden sunbeams to mind, inviting a mood of quiet nostalgia and reflection.  

The Enchanting Tribute Arrangement conveys optimism and hope in a time that might feel dark as night. The sunny, cheerful blooms are sure to surprise and delight all who view them — even on a dark, cloudy day. Yellow and orange — two of the most prominent hues in the enchanting tribute arrangement — symbolize energy and vitality, bringing a to mind the circle of life and reminding us that energy never leaves this universe, but is cycled through again and again in a circle of life, death, and rebirth. The eternal journey of the universe’s energy is captured in the flowers themselves: their bright, comforting presence is with us for only a brief moment, but their sweet essence lives on in our memory — just as the warm feeling we have when we think of our loved one will live on with us for all time.  

The Enchanting Tribute Arrangement is truly a splendid memorial to symbolize your affection and respect for someone who has passed. It lends a quiet brilliance and hopeful presence to any memorial service and provides a spectacular focal piece that all guests will admire. The professional florists at The Flower Co. have artistically blended together hand-picked blooms in stunning colours and textures, specially designed to exude warmth, love, hope, and comfort for you during your time of darkness. Even the darkest of nights end with brilliant dawn, and this arrangement reminds us that the sun will come out again, though we might feel that the darkness is endless and unbroken. The colours — those of the brightest days and sunniest skies — inspire and remind us that hope will always prevail, and that no matter how lost we might feel in the darkness, the morning will bring calm, hope, and serenity.

Approximately 30″H x 32″W.
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