Elegant Remembrance™ Standing Heart - Floral Heart - Flower Co.
The Elegant Remembrance Standing Heart is an exquisite display of peace and love. 77 stems of white roses are artfully arranged in the heart shaped floral arrangement and presented on a wire easel, creating a simply beautiful tribute for their final farewell service.   

The Elegant Remembrance Standing Heart is a beautiful memorial to demonstrate the deep meaning of your emotions for the loved one who has passed on. Graceful, simple, timeless, and yet intricate and beautifully designed, the Elegant Remembrance Standing Heart wordlessly conveys your feelings with unadorned, stark honestly. The seventy-seven pale white roses symbolize grace, elegance, refinement, and innocence, and the timeless, elegant display conveys warmth while providing an air of comfort and peace. The pale hues also call to mind fluffy, airy white clouds drifting across a calm blue sky, and wordlessly communicate a sense of deep calm within the hearts and minds of all who gaze upon it. Your loved one’s memory is rightfully honoured and your never-ending love is beautifully represented in its truest form: that of the heart.  

Our artisanal professional florist designers have put love and care into designing this elegant remembrance standing heart, keeping in mind the spectrum of emotions that accompanies the loss of a loved one. Each one of the seventy-seven pale white roses has been chosen meticulously with diligence and conscientiousness to fit on the heart shape, blending seamlessly and beautifully together in a harmonious sea of pale flowers. The intricacies of the rose blooms are on full display, and what might appear simple at first glance is actually a deeply complex, multi-layered masterpiece of textures, curves, and depth. Each rose in the heart shaped floral arrangement complements the next as they flow impeccably together in a wave of cream and eggshell-coloured petals.   

The heart symbolizes love and affection, and your affection for your departed loved one will be readily apparent to all visitors who admire this glorious standing heart. You can show your respect and eternal admiration for your special someone by proudly displaying the heart at a memorial service or viewing. It adds a sweet, stately presence to the room, drawing the eye up and creating a real focal point. Visitors will come away with a sense of peace and hope after taking in the simple, august atmosphere emanating from the heart shaped floral arrangement.   

A sweet, understated aroma permeates the air and soothes the senses as you admire the delicate intricacies of each of the seventy-seven white roses, which coil and spin in on each other in a sweet dance that represents the eternal balance of life, death, and rebirth.   Your purchase includes a complimentary personalized gift message.]

Approximately 24″H x 22″W
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