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The Display of Affection Arrangement is an exquisite way to commemorate the life of the deceased. Lavender roses, yellow stock, pink stock, pink tulips, yellow roses, pink roses, pink spray roses, lavender larkspur, Bells of Ireland, yellow freesia, yellow Asiatic lilies, blue delphinium, green hydrangea and lush greens are accented with curly willow branches and arranged to create a sophisticated display that radiates elegance and grace at their final farewell service.  

The Flower Co. would like to present a selection of stunning flowers in the Display of Affection Arrangement, crafted and designed with love for you and yours. This stunning arrangement will draw the eye and comfort everyone who views it. We know that this moment is a difficult time for everyone at the memorial service of that special person. The Flower Co. wants to be part of this moment; we want to give you a good experience and do what we do best — design flower arrangements and for this special time, and design flowers to honour the life of your loved one. Let us bring strength, companionship, and affection through glorious blooms and designs created exclusively for this moment.  

The Display of Affection Arrangement is a beautiful, eye-catching, unique arrangement. We know that you want to honour the life of the person who is no longer with us. We aim to incorporate a bounty of colour and joy, and we selected for this purpose a lovely grouping of flowers that shows joy, peace, and tranquillity. The arrangement brings an air of hope and helps you to remember this special person with joy, be thankful for their life, and relive the happy moments they shared with you with joy and calm.  

This ethereal, unique flower arrangement has a special design — crafted by our floral designers with love. Its role in a memorial service is more than a decoration — a stunning flower arrangement emanates peace, joy, strength and spirituality to those gathered.  

The colours our floral designers chose for this arrangement are specially chosen to complement each other. Yellow represents positivity, and brings with it loving energy; it is a  colour that inspires joy when remembering the person who has passed on. Pink shades are also present, representing pure and tender love, faithful and true; an eternal, unceasing love that endures beyond the edges of life. The vibrant, shining orange emanates a vibrancy that helps us remember the joyful spirit of the person who is no longer here. The display of affection arrangement of flowers coalesces and blends its colours and textures — including the green, which gives it freshness —  to create an atmosphere of tranquillity and an unparalleled harmony. You’ll delight in its bright tones and intricate textures and in the way it lifts the spirit during what might be a moment of darkness.  

Approximately 38″H x 25″W.
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