Dearly Departed™ Casket Spray - Rose and Carnation Arrangement – Flower Co.
Dearly Departed™ Casket Spray bursts with the love and passion that the deceased had for their life and loved ones. Rich red roses and carnations are gorgeously arranged amongst lush greens and accented with a red satin ribbon to create the ideal adornment for their casket at their final farewell service.  

Flowers send a powerful message of hope, sympathy, and comfort during times of grief, and at The Flower Co., we know that you want your friend or loved one’s memorial service to be a place of hope and comfort. Our artisanal professional floral designers have taken time and care to create the Dearly Departed Casket Spray, a stunning, statuesque arrangement that is a vision of love and hope situated at the front of the room during a memorial service.  

This glorious arrangement of red blooms, complemented by verdant greens and topped off with a splendid red ribbon, is a fitting tribute to the life of the departed, emanating a beautiful aroma and evoking feelings of hope, love, and companionship. The rich red colour of the roses and carnations is a regal accolade to the life and memory of the person who has passed on. Red is a classic, traditional colour choice for any memorial service, and the Dearly Departed Casket Spray features two types of these resplendent red blooms, woven together in an artful, intricate design to highlight the delicacy of the blooms and the bright colours of the arrangement.   

The contrast between the deep greens of the leaves and the bright reds of the blooms provides a beautiful dance of colour and light, sure to draw the eye of all who gather to honour the life of the deceased. You can be sure that the Dearly Departed Casket Spray is a felicitous salutation to your friend or loved one as it presides regally over the proceedings. In a beautiful eulogy to the life of the deceased invoking the beauty of nature and the resplendence of the earth’s bounty, the Dearly Departed Casket Spray represents life, love, and hope in flower form.   

In these difficult times, flowers can sometimes express more than words, and the red roses and carnations in the Dearly Departed Casket Spray communicate the emotions that we can’t find the words to say. Speaking in the universal language of beautiful flowers, this arrangement says “love, hope, and cherished memories” while providing comfort and sympathy to the family and friends of the departed gathered at the memorial service. These beautiful blooms encourage those remembering the life of the departed to reflect on the good times and happy memories they shared together and to contemplate the meaning of life while also thinking of the special characteristics of the person who is no longer with us. A classic casket spray is a way to provide dignified decoration and sombre comfort to those left behind.    

Approximately 40″L x 26″W.
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