Cherished Memories™ Standing Spray - Sympathy Arrangement – Flower Co.
Cherished Memories Standing Spray by the Flower Co. is a touching remembrance during times of loss with these uplifting colours of yellows and oranges. This stunning arrangement featuring roses, gerberas, commercial mums, green hydrangea and lush greens is artfully arranged by our expert florists to give your loved one a farewell they truly deserve.  

At The Flower Co., we know that the passing of a loved one is a challenging time. Our professional floral designers are devoted to creating flower arrangements suitable to honouring the memory of the departed. The Cherished Memories Standing Spray is one such arrangement. Crafted with love and intention, this resplendent arrangement is bursting with bright colours, shining leaves, and beautiful accents that make an impressive, regal accompaniment at any memorial service. Yellow and orange roses shine in a delicate display of life and love, mingling with lush, verdant greens and luscious mums. The eye is drawn to the shining orange of the gerberas, providing those gathered for a memorial service with a comforting display of glorious flowers, evoking the life-giving brightness of the sun.  

When you honour a person who has departed, it’s important to reflect on the cherished memories you shared. Thinking back on the special times and cherished memories you experienced over the years is a special way to honour their life and memory, and there’s no better way to be reminded of those cherished memories than by surrounding yourself with loved ones who also share them. Flowers are a wonderful way to provide a comforting, soothing atmosphere to gather together and think about all the wonderful times you spent together. Flowers give meaning and distinction to memorial gatherings, and the Cherished Memories Standing Spray is a lovely way to bring flowers into the service.  

Standing tall and regal at the head of the room and gracing those in attendance with sunny cheerfulness, this flower arrangement is perched on a wire easel and provides a resplendent backdrop to a memorial gathering. You can honour the departed’s cherished memories with this arrangement, a lovely and fitting tribute to their life. It’s important to remember those special memories we share with each other, and this grand centrepiece encourages those gathered to think back about holidays, birthdays, special vacations, and day-to-day memories. Gazing upon the bright, festive blooms in this arrangement, we are transported back to sunnier times in life, when we shared in cherished memories together. The bright colours bring to mind summer days spent in the sun, perhaps on a beach or in a tropical locale, during carefree days.   

Bright colours in a flower arrangement are meant to convey good feelings and warm wishes, both things that are welcome in times of grief and strife. These blooms remind us that though we may feel sorrow and grief in these times, the sun will rise again, and nature’s circle of life continues. The mix of gerberas, roses, bright greens and hydrangea soothe the viewer and emanate a natural, splendid aura. Let yourself be soothed and transported back to happier times as you gaze upon the glorious beauty of nature’s bounty and feel the warmth of the sunny blossoms radiating throughout the room. Share in empathy with the friends and family of the departed and allow yourself to be comforted by this special arrangement of sunny blooms. 
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