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Send the perfect expression of your love and a tribute to a beautiful life with Cherished Memories Casket Spray. This timeless classic features peach roses, orange lilies, carnations, white snapdragons, monte casino asters and is artfully arranged amongst emerald palm fronds and lush greens. Accented by peach satin ribbon this casket spray is an outstanding way to honour the life of your loved one.  

We come to the part and the arrangements to which we put all our heart, all our efforts because we know that they are important to you and yours and that in these moments and situations you want everything to be well and calm.    

We want to introduce you to the cherished memories casket spray, this beautiful arrangement of flowers between beautiful colours and shades that allude to the Light and the Sun. Considering such a special and important arrangement, our floral designers for the cherished memories casket spray have decided to put to flight all your creativity, let the heart, the loving organs of all, have solidarity and empathy for you and for the situation you are living.

Flower Co. wants you to feel loved and in-company at this memorial service, that's why we wanted to put all our love and care into this beautiful flower arrangement.  We present to you the cherished memories casket spray.

The cherished memories casket spray is a large, leafy arrangement, which attracts attention and gives the corresponding and appropriate value to this memorial service and to the person who has left.  We understand and put ourselves in your place, we know that family and friends or close to this special person want on his last day to have a special act for him, to give the best of himself that is why this beautiful saw arrangement makes up this wonderful combination of flowers and tones, shapes and different sizes.

We wanted to use yellow and orange tones, their varieties and white could not be missed.  How do you know the colours of the flowers and the flowers themselves, many times they say and express more than a thousand words.  And the yellow colour in flowers symbolizes optimism and brings a lot of good energy, just as it is a colour that vibrates good wishes and a lot of hope.  The orange flowers in our casket spray symbolize and represent a lot of spirituality and balance.  And to finish we wanted the white flowers not to be lacking, which represent times of peace, tranquillity and purity.  and the white flowers and in itself, the white tone is a colour that cannot be missing in a memorial service.

Let us accompany you and be part of this moment in your life, we want to be of support and strength for you and yours.  We know that our additions to being beautiful and fascinating are made and created with all the love and heart and with the effort that this requires.  The cherished memories casket spray is what you need.
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