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White Calla Lily Boutonniere


Is there any flower more elegant than a Calla lily? This flower, native to South Africa, with its white colour, occupies the first place in elegance with its quality of being graceful and stylish at the same time.  

It is definitely well known in wedding events as it is said that it brings luck to the marriage. But that does not mean this beautiful blossom will work only for weddings. As simple and unique as it is, the calla lily boutonniere brings to its space a super stylish, yet calm sensation; this flower really does come with a sense of purity. With this bloom, there is well-being and tradition, and it also shows wellness and authority. The magic of this flower is that at the same time it shows humility, boldness, and purity; this flower is made for queens and kings alike.  

; If you are looking to add some style to your event, and a great look to your personage, choose the Calla lily boutonnieres. This type of flower is the perfect choice to give yourself a fresh and delicate air.  

It is amazing how a white calla lily boutonnieres flowers fit perfectly in the most luxurious of spaces. It is, without thinking, the favourite choice for interior designers when having to make flowers match the space. And it does not matter if it is one, two, or twelve; this flower, on its own, has the power of divinity inside it.  

If you are passionate about flower meaning and history, you should know that the calla lily has had a large role Christian Easter holiday, as the flower represents the resurrection of Jesus. And if we think about it in that context, it is very much aligned with what the calla lily boutonnieres represent today; a symbol of holiness, purity, and authority.  

To conclude, here is a curious fact about the calla lily: in the 18th century, a Swedish botanist discovered this flower and named it the “calla lily,” but callas are definitely not lilies, as callas are part of a floral species called Araceae. After many years, a German botanist realized the mistake and aligned them with the floral species Zantedeschia, but was much too late at that point; people all over the world have already adopted the flower as the calla lily.  

So now after learning something about this sensational flower, we invite you to order one for your upcoming event or to simply take it home! It is definitely much more than just a flower.  

Approximately 4″H x 2″W  
– 1 Calla Lily
– 1 Spray of Hypericum Berries
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