Brighter Blessings™ Standing Spray - Flower Company – Flower Co.
Brighter Blessing Standing Spray by Flower Co. is a way to send a ray of sunlight during a time of sorrow. Featuring hydrangeas, parrot tulips, green roses, asters and snapdragons and designed with twigs and lush greens this arrangement is sure to express your deepest sympathies and compassion.  

Designed to reach hearts, touch lives and illuminate life’s poignant moments, as well as to give you a gift that goes beyond the barriers of your imagination, the Brighter Blessings Spray arrangement will not be soon forgotten and will leave lasting memories in the hearts of your loved ones.  

The Flower Co.’s Brighter Blessings Standing Spray is a beautiful flower arrangement — a unique and unrepeatable piece. The combination of dazzling flowers and lush greens makes the brighter blessings spray a beautifully crafted, detailed arrangement, created to offer comfort and warmth on a day that might leave you looking for understanding and meaning.  

With true effort and love, our floral designers created this beautiful and eye-catching flower arrangement, with the aim of designing a piece with a mix of specially selected flowers to bring peace and calm in trying moments. The standing spray flowers breathe life and warmth into the room and stand tall as a constant reminder of the circle of life and the unyielding tides of nature. The brighter blessings spray includes blooms with hues that represent goodness and hope while still providing comfort and soothing serenity. It brings to mind a bright summer garden and helps remind us that life is special and we should cherish those we hold dear.  

Bringing a tender, calm atmosphere to any viewing or memorial service, this standing spray is a gentle, brilliant presence that will help soothe you on a day when comfort is key. Standing spray flowers are a traditional part of memorial services, and the Brighter Blessings Standing Spray is a beautiful addition to any tribute to a loved one. The brighter blessings spray is a classic, honourable way to give dignity and class to the gathering that is intended to honour and celebrate the life of the departed.   

A truly magnificent tribute — with colours speaking to life’s most wonderful moments — this standing spray is a lovely way to show your appreciation and love for someone who meant a lot to you and to celebrate their life. It’s a lovely way to help family members and friends say goodbye to the departed and helps provide comfort and warmth in a time that can feel cold and dark. The resplendent, sunny colours of the sun remind us of cheerful days in times of sorrow and darkness, perfectly complemented by the verdant green leaves. 
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