Blessings of the Earth™ Easel - Sympathy Arrangement - Flower Co.
Blessings of the Earth Easel is a soft and serene arrangement that elegantly honours the life of the deceased. Lavender roses, pink carnations, pink Asiatic lilies, blue hydrangea, yellow stock, lavender button poms, solidago and lush greens are beautifully accented with a lavender satin ribbon and displayed on a wire easel to create a gorgeous display for their memorial service.   The Flower Co.’s artisanal professional florists set out with an intention to create arrangements that will provide you with peace, comfort, and beauty at the time of your loved one’s memorial service. As a company, we are committed to our clients as human beings, and we understand what this day means to you. We know that we have a great responsibility, and it is very important that we provide you with the best floral accompaniments to this day.    The Blessings of the Earth Easel, a beautiful, stunning flower arrangement, is a glorious choice to mark the sombre occasion of your loved one’s service. It is a regal and grand centrepiece for viewing and provides a stately, majestic, eye-catching display of floral grandeur. Multilayered and intricate, a large mixture of different flowers all lend their individual colours, textures, and shades to the overall effect of the arrangement. The standing spray makes a truly impressive figure as it emanates grace and dignity, two of the most important aspects to highlight during a memorial service celebrating the life of someone who has been lost.   The Blessings of the Earth Easel was designed with the intention of creating a flower arrangement that conveyed peace and tranquillity but also freshness — hence, the dazzling colour palette includes soft tones as well as golden, bright hues. Awash in sensations of warmth and calm, the arrangement emanates a calm serenity that washes over the room in a sweet crescendo of colour and texture. Pastel hues mix with greens and golds in a distinctive, unique dance that highlights each flower individually while still holding true to the overall theme.   The Blessings of the Earth Easel is an arrangement that genuinely reflects all the beauty of the Earth's bounty. It reminds us of sweet spring days drenched in dappled sunlight and blessed by a cool, calm breeze — the kind of days we’d like to remember when we picture our departed loved one. Pastel tones of pink, blue, and lavender bring the gentle evening air of springtime to mind as viewers are transported to happy gatherings and days shared with love and affection.    The Blessings of the Earth Easel is a fitting tribute for the life of a special person, and a lovely way to show your dedication and affection to the departed. It brings us together and helps us remember the circle of life as we contemplate the cycle of death and rebirth that occurs each year with the changing of the seasons. These resplendent flowers represent tenderness and sweetness, reminding us of the person who has left us but also serving as a comfort to those people who are grieving. The sweet hues of the flowers have powerful meanings.    Sometimes blooms can communicate meaning where words fail; the soft tones and gentle hues in the Blessings of the Earth Easel bring us comfort and grace without uttering a single phrase but passing this comfort through the atmosphere.   Approximately 36″H x 20″W.  
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