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Send Beautiful in Blue arrangement.


Brighten the home with the peace and beauty of a bright blue sky. This beautiful bouquet pairs pure white flowers with deep blue blooms in a gorgeous blue glass vase. Blooms such as blue hydrangea, crème roses, graceful white oriental lilies, white alstroemeria, a white disbud mum, purple statice and lavender limonium are accented by seeded eucalyptus and salal in a stunning cobalt blue glass vase.  

Deep shades of cerulean, lavender, sky-blue and purple make for a dazzling display of beauty that will capture the attention of all viewers. An eye-catching mix, this collection of beautiful in blue flowers is a bouquet made to inspire and delight. At The Flower Co., we strive to provide you with a choice of unique bouquets, and this is truly one of the show-stoppers in the collection. With this piece, we wanted to capture a piece of heaven embodied in the blue and white flowers — a unique and special combination that reflects purity and majesty while emanating a soothing, calming aura.  

Our professional floral designers chose a delectable mix of blue flowers to convey an air of peace, purity and dignity. The beautiful in blue flowers bring a sense of tranquillity and serenity to the atmosphere. White blooms are excellent transmitters of good energy, projecting calm into any environment. White blooms also signify peace and love, while the gorgeous hydrangea and lily arrangements embody goodness, purity, and innocence. White is a neutral colour, making it the ideal selection for decorating and accenting the decor of just about any room. Blue and white flowers also highlight and bring light to a living room, a dining room, or bedroom. They are pleasant to look at and transmit a true feeling of hope and faith. The contrast between the oceanic tones of blue and the spiritual, angelic tones of white creates a pleasing contradiction and is a reflection of the peace that these two colours together inspire.  

If you want to project these feelings of calm and serenity to your home or office space, or if you’re looking to send a message of hope, peace, and tranquillity to someone special, the beautiful in blue arrangement is the perfect and natural choice.   

These dazzling blooms will make any environment shine with tranquillity, but also bring a deep sense of peace and contentment — all the things you want to surround yourself with if you’re looking for serenity. If you want to send a floral arrangement to that special person, that will surprise, delight, and impress, this beautiful in blue arrangement is sure to fit the bill. They make any space feel more open and illuminated, but also carry a deeper message — which in this case is harmony and tranquillity, two of the most important aspects of maintaining a good mental space and a calm demeanour.

In addition to all of these positive characteristics, these blooms come with a stunning blue glass vase that catches the attention of visitors and perfectly complements the lovely bouquet. The sweet, fragrant aroma emanating from these wonderful blue blooms is the icing on the cake. The heavenly smell won’t disappoint, and you’ll be thinking about this blue-flower bouquet long after you leave the room. It will quickly become a favourite in the household, leaving a memory in the heart of everyone who sees it, no matter the scenario or season.  

Approximately 19″H x 17″W.
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