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EXCLUSIVE Put the “wow” in any holiday home with the deluxe version of our poinsettia. These lush and luxurious blooms are planted and arranged with moss and twigs and decorated with pine, gold ribbon and a star ornament.  

This festive decorative piece is one of our special pieces! Extremely beautiful and fascinating, our artful poinsettia is an item that will captivate anyone by just seeing it. Perfect to brighten up the holiday nights! Bring life and comfort and that spirit of love and happiness in times when families come together to spend quality time with one another. To make such an important and significant time complete, our expert designers have created this artful poinsettia to give the final, special touch that will add a warm and homey vibe to any home.  

If you do not have yours yet, we advise you to order one now! These beauties are very much desired by everyone and are only available for a limited time. If you are thinking of sending a special gift that alludes to the holiday season and that can bring anyone a warm, familiar feeling and a whole lot of style, this is the plant for you. The artful poinsettia is a decorative piece without peer made especially for these festivities. It will make your house shine, represents beauty and elegance and adapts to any environment where it is placed. The golden colour that this arrangement brings with it represents the perfection that attracts peace and love. This tone reflects majesty as well as refinement. It is a colour that refers to the festive season, where everyone gets together with their loved ones to celebrate the holidays. This flowering plant simply represents a celebration!  

This significant and special piece of decor is a tremendous gift as it is sure to bring a unique vibe to the interior design of any home. A positive point is that it will easily adapt to any type of interior since its colours are neutral and are sure to match with anything. It is suitable to be placed on any table or floor and is sure to draw all eyes to it no matter where in the room it is placed. The artful poinsettia is decorated with an extreme delicacy that is sure to capture your attention. To add to its unique nature, the scent of the sprouting pine is an aroma that is sure to only confirm the joy that is sure to arrive this holiday season with this lovely plant.  

Decide now and order this beautiful plant! The artful poinsettia will definitely fill any home with warmth and love. You will not be disappointed!
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