Always & Forever™ Bouquet - Flower Company – Flower Co.
Like a lovely floral “hug,” this blushing bouquet delivers your sincerest condolences in a way that is sure to comfort the pain of loss. Simple and beautiful, this composition handcrafted by Flower Co’s artisan florist of pink roses and pink lilies enhanced with lush greens is arranged in a clear glass cylinder vase. It makes an excellent choice for expressing your sympathy at a wake, for the funeral service or to console family and friends at home  

The pink lily bouquet is a lovely, thoughtful way to send your condolences to family and friends and to honour the life of the departed. At The Flower Co., we know that these are difficult times for the loved ones remaining after the death of a cherished family member, and a pink lily arrangement is a classic and traditional way to show you are thinking about the people left behind. Sending flowers at memorial services is one way to show your care and affection for the bereaved, and giving flowers in these significant moments is a common practice. It is a classic and very important way to show condolences.   

The pink lily bouquet is carefully constructed with love and care by floral artisans, specially designed to evoke feelings of peace and quiet joy. The pink lily arrangement is a perfect way to show those people who are going through a difficult time that you are thinking about them and are empathizing with their grief. Flowers are a special way to demonstrate to these loved ones that they are not alone and that they have people around who care about them and are with them. These emotions can be expressed and delivered with the pink lily bouquet.   

Flowers often say more with their beauty and delicacy than words could ever express, and pink lily flowers are no exception. Sending pink lilies is a way to send a message of eternal love — a love that lasts forever, beyond the earthly constraints of months or years, but for eternity. When you send pink lily flowers, you are sending a message of care and comfort, and above all, a message that you are there for that special person in their time of grief and hardship.   

During times of grief, it can be helpful to focus on palpable items that we can see and feel in order to process our feelings of abandonment and loss. Flowers have always been a traditional way to channel our despair into a beautiful object that we can place in our spaces, emanating colour, beauty, and the delicate intricacies of each soft petal. When you send flowers in celebration of the life of the departed, you are taking place in a sacred and timeless ritual that commemorates the life of the person we’ve lost and inspires faith and serenity in the hearts of those they left behind. 
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