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Nothing speaks of love so much as a bouquet of long-stem red roses and there’s no better way to express your feelings. This gorgeous dozen decorated with folded aspidistra leaves and berries is a bouquet that will be a wonderful way to convey your heart’s every emotion. Long associated with beauty, red roses are a time-honoured way to say I love you.  

So you are thinking to yourself, "this is just a typical red rose bouquet, what's the big deal?" But consider this: is there any other bouquet as famous as this one in fulfilling romance? We could easily say something fantastical about this rose; like these roses contain the love hormone, oxytocin, within them. Of course, that is not possible to be true, but considering the effects that it produces in a person, we can easily say that it does contain a certain something.  

If you are thinking of making someone truly fall in love with you, or if you want to gain the attention of your special one: a date, your girlfriend, or a spouse of many years, these 12 roses will surely fulfill the purpose of making the butterflies in their stomach start fluttering and will surely give a wonderful feeling in their heart!  

As most will tell you, a red rose arrangement is a perfect choice for you to take if you want to show love to someone. It is considered a classic but not old fashioned; common, yet timeless. Do not delay your choice; send a small bunch of this warm coloured rose and be halfway there! And once again, you will not be missed with a bouquet of red roses.  

As you know, roses are the queen of all flowers and red roses are truly the most sophisticated: the most wanted, the most powerful, and the most alluring. The red colour will always captive the eye of the seer and will not go unnoticed.  

Celebrate the one you love by sending one of these red rose bouquets and engage the object of your affection with no restrictions. If you want to show your love to a woman, simply send her some red roses. It never fails and it will not disappoint; on the contrary, it will bring cheer into her heart! And not just hers but yours as well, when you see the smile upon her face. We implore you to let your romantic and poetic side flourish, with the help of the most passionate and intimate flower that exists!  

Moreover, this luxurious floral arrangement is brought to you by our eco-friendly farms in Latin America and excellently made by our floral designers. It will give you the perfect look for your home; it will go well on any table, in any room, as it engulfs the world around you. Let this bright red colour contrast with the decoration in your space and let this gorgeous flower setting light the area while improving the interior design of your living space. There is no other bouquet quite like it; it will visually improve the beauty of the room and will also increase the glamour within you as well.  

Do not overthink it and follow your heart; your intuition never lies and this bouquet of red roses will not let you down.  

Standard Bouquet - includes 12 roses stems measuring approximately 24” H x 21” W.
Fuller Bouquet - includes 15 roses stems measuring approximately 24” H x 21” W.
Premium Bouquet - includes 18 roses stems measuring approximately 24” H x 21” W.

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